Sorry September but I’m fallen for October

Sept 30th 2014 (9:50pm)

Me: I said to my husband “Gawd, I can’t wait for this month to be over”.

He replies with “we’ll you only have a few hours to go”.

Me: Smart ass.

Him: Well, it’s true.

Me: Frig, it’s still September, right!

Him: Yeah, for a few more hours.

Me: I’m ready for October to be done, already!

It’s such a busy time of year with work and I am on the road more than I am in the office which can make for long days of driving. Oh, and I’ve got a little run coming up soon……make that two runs coming up.

Lilly old

Fall 2011

I do love the fall; beautiful trees, stunning weather, fresh crisp air, pumpkins, apple pickingfall races and Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend. Gobble Gobble 🙂


Total mileage: 142 km (88 miles)

My mileage this year is 847 km. I’m only 163 km to my 1000 km goal…then I will just stop running. Just kidding 😉

Sept mileage 2014

September Goals:

  • Train for Half Marathon – Yes 
  • Run Tartan Twosome @ Maritime Race Weekend (Sept 12th –  5k Recap and Sept 13th – 10k Recap)
  • Sign Lilly up for a class – Nope, but I have a soccer registration form printed.
  • Vacation in PEI – Done.  Accomplished in the first week 🙂
  • Add in some strengthening workouts to my running. Kinda
  • Apple picking. Lilly went with her day care but we haven’t gone as a family yet.
  • Cook some food from my Oh She Glow’s Cookbook. Not yet.

October Goals:

  • Run my 2nd Half Marathon – Valley Harvest Marathon Oct 12th
  • Watch Lilly run her 3rd race (400 meters) @ Valley Harvest Marathon Kids Run
  • Play outside with our girls.
  • Celebrate Thanksgiving (Canada) October 12th/13th
  • Run BLT 5k Race – Oct 25th
  • Change up my running and workouts (variety)
  • Bake an apple pie
  • Go see the Pumpkin People
  • Halloween!

How was your September?

Any October goals?

Do you go apple, pear, pumpkin picking?