My Last Long Run

Sunday October 5th was my last long run in my training plan for my upcoming half marathon. After a rough night with the girls – both up a few times – I was up at 6:15 and out the door just before 7 AM. Pretty good so far. The run went from bad to good to hard to awesome.

Wore a piece of my girls with me on my run:


Ladybug hair clip

I was on my own for 19 kilometers, that’s a LONG time to be on your own with no friend to talk to or music to bob up and down to (yeah, I don’t run with music). It was a long time to “think” …. and so I did, it went a little something like this:


  • I’m wearing too many layers…keep going don’t turn back.
  • Seriously, WHY am I running again?
  • I don’t like running (today).
  • How am I going to run a HALF marathon next week?

3k: Stop to take a picture

  • While taking this photo I thought, yeah, I’ll just stop and take pictures of my run.
  • That will make a great blog post.

Check out the trail I’m running on:

Nice trail under the road sign!

Nice trail under the road sign!

  • Okay, I can do this.
  • Oh, look pumpkin people – photo time.
Just a few of the Pumpkin People I saw.

Just a few of the Pumpkin People I saw.

  • Dang, I just kicked my left ankle. Good thing I have on my ProCompression socks on….my ankle won’t have dirt on it when I get home.
  • And, “RESUME” Garmin – shit…I forgot to turn it back on. Awww, man! Beep beep – on again.
  • Time to cross the street.
  • It’s getting lighter outside; rain please stay away.
  • Kicked myself AGAIN!
  • Cop car! S’up!
  • Honk honk…helly buddy I don’t know.
  • Another cop car…really ?
  • Oh look, that’s how fast I am running in the school zone!
How fast am I running?

How fast am I running?


  • Okay, I love running again, this is GREAT!
  • I’ll take my GU near when I get close to the garbage bin.
  • Pumpkin people again!
  • Let’s play with the Vanilla GU as I run down THIS hill (stress reliever ???)
  • Yes, the garbage bin. GU time!
  • Man, I’m a messy water drinker when I run. Good thing there is no one around.
  • Okay, new plan is to U-turn at 8k.
Vanilla Bean GU!

Vanilla Bean GU!

7.84km: (this time stuck in my head)

  • Oh those leaves are pretty {mental note, take phone out for picture on return}
  • When will my Garmin hit 8km?
  • Finally, 8k, U Turn!
  • Pretty red leaves
Couldn't pass this up!

Couldn’t pass this up!

  • Hello lady I’ve seen for the last 4 Sunday mornings…won’t see you next week!
  • Another HILL…good lord!
  • Finally, that hill is over only a few more to go.


  • I’m pooped! No, I didn’t poop my pants but I’m just pooped from running.
  • Side walk construction: should I run on the road or on the shoulder (sand/gravel).
  • Road wins.
  • Car coming. Game over (moves off-road).
  • Car passes by: game on!
  • Transport Truck coming – GAME OFF…jumps off road.
  • Thank you truck driver for giving me lots of space – air high-five to you!


  • Second GU (Chocolate Outrage)
  • Decision made: Vanilla Bean and Chocolate GU for the half. Must go purchase before Friday.
  • I’m running fast again, sweet!
  • Oh my, this hill is going to be a killer. Keep your head down and just run to the sign.
  • Where is that sign again?
  • Really, it’s that far away from me?
  • A few more steps, I feel like a turtle.
  • Oh thank god I made it to the hill, only 4k to go.


  • First I need to catch my breath…I think this is another hill/incline. Maybe that’s why I usually run it in the opposite direction.
  • Yup, it’s a hill…and walk.
  • Walk faster.
  • Okay, it’s time to run again.


  • 3 more to go.
  • I’m running fast AGAIN…this is wonderful!
  • Just make it to the top of the hill, you can rest then.
  • Almost there.
  • Done, made it. No resting. Keep going only 2k now.


  • Running fast again.
  • Umm, am I crying?
  • Why am I crying?
  • Seriously, I’m crying. Weird.
  • Take the next left.
  • Okay, u-turn back home, almost done!
  • And……DONE. 19k… STOP the GARMIN.
19k done!

19k done!

And that my friends was my last long run before my half!

A little yoga and stretching with my two best girls:

Yoga/Stretching post long run :)

Yoga/Stretching post long run 🙂

After yoga, I got all cleaned up, put a new pair of PRO Compression sleeves on (seriously, I love these) and went for a walk with Sai and the girls.

What do you think of when you run?

What’s your lucky thing to wear?

What random things have you thought of on your long/solo runs?