Half Marathon Goals

It’s funny, I drafted this email and then decided not to follow through on the post until minutes before I was going to head off for bed last night. I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Today’s the day! 

It’s been 8 years since I ran my 2:33:56 half marathon…the event that I thought I would never do again. Never say never! I managed a quick 5k run Friday afternoon and my leg felt good, fingers crossed it stays that way.

Lilly ran her 3rd race (400m) Saturday night in the rain:

Pre Race (like, we JUST made it to the start line in time)


Running happy :


Post Race:


My goals for this half marathon:

1. Run comfortable.

2. Enjoy it: the people, the volunteers, the beautiful land.

3. Push myself when I can.

4. Post race: eat Thanksgiving Dinner with whole family 🙂


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Happy running to all those at the Valley Harvest Marathon and elsewhere 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian family, friends, bloggers and followers!