Post Half Marathon Run and Soccer Season

I don’t know which I am more pumped about. The fact that I FINALLY got a 5k run post half marathon in Sunday night or that indoor soccer season is back!


As I mentioned before I really wanted to take a full week off running and manged 6 days of rest. However, every single day I desperately wanted to run. Sunday night, after the girls went to bed I put on my running gear, did the dishes, sent some emails and the realized that #RunATCan twitter chat was about to start. BUT….I really wanted to run.

So I did. I didn’t listen to any music or watch any shows but entertained myself with responses to a few of the Questions during the twitter chat. And yes folks, I stopped running so I could send the message, retweet or hit favourite on twitter and then quickly got back to running.

Lilly’s indoor soccer started

PR A4Life Lilly Hilary soccer

Hilary tagged along since Sai is away and she loved it too! I had both girls running and dribbling the ball on their own. My running buddy was their with her kids so she took Hilary a few times so I could be one on one with Lilly.

And soccer started for me too last night!

PR Soccer Anna 2014

I’m super pumped to be back at it again and am completely sore all over in ways that I wasn’t with just running! I was really nervous about getting back on the field but managed pretty well. My fitness was good but my ball skills were a little off but it’s all good, it will come back soon.

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Do you participate in Twitter Chats?

Do your kids participate in sports that you do?