Runner’s Confessions #1

I miss my long runs! 

There I said it….oh….it’s like letting out your pants after eating Thanksgiving dinner… feels…so…good. That feels so good to actually say it…well, write it down.

Post Run Marathon Confessions

I miss my long runs…the time to run slow and steady, time to think about a LOT of stuff, time to play the mental game of how far to run, when should I walk and when to take my GU’s. I miss running with my running buddy, Krystol (who just rocked her 2nd half marathon 1:59:53) and the few broken conversations we can fit in when not struggling through the run.

I also miss my post run morning stretches with my girls.

Yoga/Stretching post long run :)

Yoga/Stretching post long run 🙂

I know I will be running more half marathons next year, as I totally got bit by that bug.

One more confession: I may have bought enough deodorant to last the next year. Thanks Costco.


Since I ran the BLT 5k Saturday morning my Sunday Runday was wide open. The girls and I drove back from Halifax so Lilly to go to soccer. Once we got home from that I had it in my head that I would do a “long run” on the treadmill that night. Somehow, both girls got the message loud and clear and went to bed with no problems! Miracle, I say!

At 7:40 I hopped on the treadmill planning to run between 6-9 km…and I managed 10k. A long run. It felt good. REALLY GOOD. My legs were tired but my mind was clear. It was just what I needed. I am hoping to continue my long runs of 8 – 15km over the next two months.

I’m just not ready to give them up.

Last chance to enter the Runalicious contest – ends tonight at midnight!

What’s your running confession?

Have you ever bought THAT much deodorant at once?

Have you started planning or registering for your 2015 races/events?