Thirty Day BootCamp Monthly Challenge

Since I’m not training for a race in November or December I want to start some other workouts. Workouts that I can do at home while the girls sleep or that I could do during my lunch break. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be running but I’m ready for a little change.

Some of my November workouts will be from this challenge. I’d love to do the whole challenge but I don’t always have success with monthly challenges.

My Goal – complete one full week of this challenge.

Jodi Higgs Boot Camp Challenge:

Jodi Higgis Nov 2014 Challenge

Please note: Jodi Higgs created this workout challenge, not me. You can follow her on FACEBOOK and find more of her workouts there! She’s got some awesome monthly challenges.

What in-home workouts do you do?

Have you ever tried one of Jodi’s workouts before?

What do your November workouts look like?

7 thoughts on “Thirty Day BootCamp Monthly Challenge

  1. That sounds like a solid plan. I know I am getting a little weird not training for anything. I haven’t done any of these workouts at home. I should look into them. Good luck!

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