I Mustache You Some Questions

I love these! I was tagged by the lovely Elle from Eat Run Sail, Thanks Elle 🙂 


1.  4 names that people call me, other than my real name:

  • Piper
  • Mommy/Mama
  • Na
  • Anna Banana

2.  4 jobs I’ve had:

  • Retail @ Soapberry Shop
  • Hostess at Boston Pizza
  • Outdoor Centre Program Coordinator
  • Regional Physical Activity Coordinator

3.  4 movies I’ve watched more than once:

  • Happy Feet
  • Blue Crush
  • Love Actually
  • Elf

4.  4 books I’d recommend: (I’m not a big book reader and can’t even think of one of my favourite books) So these are our daughter’s top 4 books that I read to them:

  • Barn Yard Dance
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Red is Best
  • Belly Button Book

5.  4 places I have lived:

  • Haliburton, Ontario
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Wolfville, Nova Scotia
  • Coldbrook, Nova Scotia

6.  4 places I have been:

  • St.Louis
  • Boston
  • England
  • Newfoundland

7.  4 places I’d rather be right now:

  • With my husband and girls
  • Skiing on a real mountain with my family
  • Hanging with my bestie whom I rarely see anymore (it’s been months!)
  • Running 😉  

8.  4 things I don’t eat: (or drink)

  • Coffee
  • Dates, Date Squares
  • Raw Onions
  • Marmite (Sai’s British)

9.  4 of my favorite foods:

  • Chocolate
  • Pasta
  • Home made pizza
  • Asparagus

10.  4 TV shows that I watch: 

  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Chicago Fire & PD
  • Law & Order (SVU)
  • Grey’s Anatomy

11.  4 things I’m looking forward this year: (2015)

  1. My family being together all the time
  2. Watching our girls grow
  3. Running
  4. Playing in the snow with our girls

12. 4 things I’m always saying:

  • Please don’t do that to your sister
  • Good job Sweetie
  • I love you
  • Go to your room

*not always in that order 😉

4 people I tag:

~ Heather @ Girl Goes Running

~Abi @ The Barbell Baker 

~ Kyla @ Early Bird Fitness 

~ Molly @ A Fresh Start for Molly 

And Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends, family, bloggers followers. May you fill your bellies full of food and enjoy time with family.

Now it’s your turn, answer a few of your four favourites!

What show’s do you watch?

Job’s you’ve had?

Favourite books you can share with me?


Runners Confession #2: No Training Plan = No Motivation

What’s going on here? Seriously? I’m feel like a whiny baby when it comes to running these days. I want to run, I love to run, I enjoy running but I am seriously lacking some motivation since my half marathon in October. OCTOBER was forever ago!

No training plan no motivation

Instead, I put on a cozy fire, relax and forget about my trusty treadmill 😦


I have no training plan to follow. No major race to focus on. Oh, and I just want to sleep since I’m up 1-3 times a night with Hilary still. Seriously, when is she going to sleep better? Talk about mother running problems! And yes, I know I’m not the only one out there…please tell me I’m not.

I’m hoping the fact that I packed my running bag this morning may give me a little boost. After all, If I put my mind to it I reach my 1000th kilometer by the end of this week!


Lunch Time: And cue in the motivation! I FORGOT MY GARMIN!!!!!!!! It was going to be a naked run, until I hit up MapMyRun online and confirmed the route I was going to take.

6k in 35:59 :)

6k in 35:59 🙂

It was SO beautiful outside I could have run in short and a tank top! 6k in 35:59 according to my Timex watch – Not.Too.Shabby! I’m hoping the December running challenge I’ve signed up for will keep me motivated in December with Run Steff Run.


Are you lacking motivation right now? 

Anyone doing a December challenge? If so, which one?

Could you run in shorts and a t-shirt today, Nov 25th ?

Indulging, Pizza Stretching and Workouts

Hello Monday, we meet again!

The girls and I had a quiet weekend – we played, ate some food and finally had a fire in our wood stove which made the house cozy and warm. I may have fallen asleep by the fire and dragged myself up to my bedroom a few hours later Saturday night.

We indulged in some delicious treats……..that I’m addicted to.


Sunday, Lilly had soccer and learned a new pizza stretching game. Okay – mini soccer coaches this one’s for you.

Pizza Stretch

  • Get the kids to sit down with their legs out in the shape of a pizza. They are then going to make the pizza.
  • Ask them what they need for pizza. “Dough” should be the answer you go with.
  • Get them to mix the dough with their hands in a pretend bowl, through it in the air and then place it down on the ground (pretend table) and to spread the dough everywhere. All the way up to their feet (stretching their legs)
  • Then add-on top the sauce (again stretching their legs) and spreading the sauce everywhere.
  • Ask them what goes next. Veggies, sausage ?
  • Get them to cut their veggies on the outside of their right hip/leg area.
  • Then move the veggies over to the other side (left hip/leg area) and then put them on the pizza.
  • Next is the cheese….spread it out everywhere – again stretching their legs and arms out towards their feet.
  • Time to bake it. Pick up pizza and put it in the oven. Get everyone to count to 5 (seconds) and pull out the pizza.
  • Eat it!

It was so cute watching a group of 3/4 year old’s making pizza’s but really stretching!

Last week’s workouts:

I did run last night (5k) which was a crappy run but it’s done 🙂 Red and green festive running colours…I guess! The funny thing is, these green Adidas shorts are over 15 years old!!!! They are from when I started playing competitive soccer at 13 or 14 years old. They are a little big but still in great condition!


I’m getting closer to my 1000 km for the year and IF…BIG IF, I stick to my workout plan this week I may reach that goal by Saturday!!! I have a 5k Toy Trot Saturday morning so I’m hoping to hit the big 1000 km by then!

How was your weekend?

Favourite food from the weekend?

How old are your workout clothing? 

Piper’s Pinterest Picks

Say that five times fast! Thought I’d share some of my favourite Pinterest picks!

I’d like to think this is me : 


don't be afraid

hotel workout


PA medication

Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup (easy)

Croc Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Vegan Creamy Avocado Shells (Pasta) (easy)

I make this a lot…..almost too much. Plus I put in extra garlic and extra basil!

pesto pasta

Written by yours truly 🙂

let them get dirty

And since Christmas is just around the corner!!!! active kids gifts

You can find more of my favourite foods (vegan and non-vegan), workouts, motivation pictures,kids stuff and more on my Pinterest Page.

Cheers, Piper

Are you on Pinterest? Leave a comment with your page!

What’s your favourite Pinterest workout, recipe, quote you’ve come across?

What’s the worst Pinterest workout, recipe or funny quote you’ve come across?


A Comfortable Run in Short Shorts

I haven’t run on my trusty old treadmill in two weeks! Crazy, I know! Sai was home for a bit so I was able to get outside run a trail run with him, then on my own and my last-minute race was outside too. 

Yesterday I had a busy day; getting the girls to the sitters, driving an hour to a Mental Health & Recreation full day workshop, driving an hour home, picked up the girls super late 😦 , dinner, bath, chores. I.WAS.SPENT. I wasn’t exhausted but I think my head could have popped off its shoulders I was that stressed out. Over what? Little things, random things.

So after all that I got my running gear on, short-shorts and all, then jumped on the trusty old treadmill at 8:40 pm. I was hoping to get a quick 4k in because that’s all I thought I had time for, after all it was getting kind of late and I’d still need to stretch, shower, dry my hair (and blog quickly).


As I started running my upper body – mainly my arms/shoulders would start to ache. Well, really they were just hurting from Wednesday’s yoga session. My oh my what a workout yoga is! Anyway. My legs felt great, like really great. I don’t know if it was because I was wearing short-shorts and not capri’s or if they felt good from yoga but I wasn’t going to complain.

I managed 5k and slowly worked out my sore and stiff upper arms. God that felt good! It was just a completely comfortable run.

shoes and short shorts

Shoes and short shorts

And, I get to do this all over again tomorrow…well kinda. It’s the weekend of course, so I’m refusing to do chores on a Friday night and hoping to squeeze in another run.

How sore are you after a workout you haven’t done in a while?

Any weekend plans?

Have a great one folks. Cheers, Piper. 

Walk to Yoga Class, Yes Please!

I desperately want to start attending yoga classes regularly but it’s just not going to happen. If sign up for a night or weekend class then I need to find child care if Sai isn’t home…and I already do this once a week for soccer (my first love). If I sign up for something in the day (lunch hour), I could miss multiple weeks because I travel with work often. There just isn’t a win-win here for me.

Well, there kinda is. I’m going to be that “drop in” girl. Yes, the one that randomly attends your class and may miss a full week or two because I just can’t fit it in (that’s why I run on the treadmill when the girls go to bed). Thank you in advance for having drop-in as an option 🙂

The other day, I sat down and looked at a local yoga studio’s schedule. I wrote down the class info for each lunch time class I could potentially attend and put it in my agenda book. Yes, I still use an agenda book to manage my meetings/life. Then I also wrote down the free lunch time skates at the local arena too! I figure if I don’t have a meeting that requires me to travel over or around the lunch hour then I’m going to do yoga or skate this winter. If I can’t make it, I just throw out the sticky and frown 😦

Easy to throw away sticky notes

Easy to throw away sticky notes

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to run and play soccer but I kinda want to do some other things, ya know! I’m pumped about taking Lilly downhill skiing again this winter and can’t wait to cross-country ski and snowshoe when I can. I’m just ready to do more; have a variety of activities since I am not training specifically for a race. I’m just training to be healthy 😉

Anyway, I went to yoga, a two-minute walk from my office.


It was great. And hard at one point. And I may have dozed off at the end and so did my co-worker Melissa 🙂


And my arms hurt for a few hours…well, they didn’t hurt but they felt wobbly for a while! I’m totally going back next week when time permits 🙂

Running related:

I committed to my first 2015 race in September!!! I registered for the 5k and 1/2 Marathon at the Maritime Race Weekend (Sept 11th & 12th Tartan Twosome).  I’ve been slowly writing my “wish list” for 2015 and thinking about my goals for next year.

What other activities/sports are you wanting to do this winter? (or next 4-5 months)

Do you workout at lunch time?

Are you signed up for any 2015 races/events?

Sackville Sneaker Shredder 10k Recap

Oh my, I don’t even know where to start!

First off, I signed up the Wednesday before the race. What was I thinking? Clearly it would be a fun thing to do! 

Second off, I did not train for this race. I have maintained running between 5-11k and a few soccer games. Clearly, I wasn’t in top form.

Third, I hated it, almost every second of the 10k! Clearly, this race wasn’t meant for me! However, I can laugh when I say that now.


Krystol and I headed into the city sans kiddies. Both of our husbands were taking the kids to soccer and the afternoon was there’s to do whatever with. We were both running 10k in this small, well-organized event. Race kit pick up – short and sweet! Race package: bib #, running hat and coupon for froyo – perfect.

Everything was great. I was having a good time with Krystol and chatting with some other TTP runners (the running group I occasionally run with) – they were dressed up as awesome super hero’s. I also go to chat with a friend of mine I played soccer with for years (and this past summer).

Happy Piper Pre Race

Happy Piper Pre Race

We lined up and off we went. Up the first hill. The first hill of many hills. It was nuts and I normally don’t mind hills. Well Sunday, I hated them. Actually, I hated the route! I’m sorry, but I really hated it. It was up this hill, down that hill; side walk, subdivision running past numerous parked cars with oncoming traffic (hello – unsafe), then on a main road where you rain in gravel/pot holes until you could safely run on the main highway again.

I swear one of the kilometers was over one full kilometer long … just running uphill for 1000 meters. It was ugly.


Foggy photo because I had it in a bag. It wasn’t actually foggy.

This is the rough breakdown of my 10k:

Temperature:  0 degrees Celsius (32F) but felt like -4c (24.8F)

1 – 2 km: I wanted to die. My lungs hurt from my head cold and my body was cold. I actually remember thinking  “I hate running, why am I doing this and how could I have run a half marathon a month ago”.

2-4.76 km  I was hating the course and thought I was dead last – motivation super low.

4.76 km – 6km Saw some people behind me and felt better about my pace. I was comfortable running. I may have cut a few corners because it wasn’t clear where I was to run.

6-8 km – The hate returned.

8-9.79 km I just wanted to be done and every time I saw someone walking I wanted to walk but didn’t.

9.79 km – Done. My Garmin read 9.79 as I crossed the finish line! Krystol’s phone said she ran over 10 km. Weird, eh!

I wasn’t even happy when I crossed the finish line but just thankful to be done running. Krystol absolutely rocked her run (53:xx), another PB!!! My time was 56:43 which is actually pretty great but my run was so terrible I couldn’t even be happy about it. #DebbyDowner.

post race sackvill sneaker shredder

Krystol & I Post Race (happy to be finished)


I don’t like being negative or say negative things about a race, especially when I didn’t do my research on the course and signed up last-minute. However, that run was a terrible experience for me, can’t say I’ll sign up for it again next year.

I do want to Thank the organizers as I know it takes time and energy putting on such an event. The volunteers (6-8) along the course held fun signs and directed us where to go. Thanks for the prizes, I won a gym bag 🙂 I’m sorry I didn’t enjoy your event more.

It’s me…not you. 

Have you ever run a race and just disliked it from the moment you started running?

Ever feel bad for not enjoying the race/event?