Stroller Running Mama’s and Papa’s

Happy Monday! Oh wait, are we really happy to see Monday’s? We had such a great weekend. It started off with the four of us trick or treating and then breakfast out Saturday morning which is something we only do every so often. The girls loved it!

The time change really messed with us but it was Daddy to the rescue at 5:15 am! I got to “sleep in/stay in bed” while he watched early morning bubble guppies with the girls then make breakfast for all of us. Best way to start our Sunday morning 😉 I was contemplating doing a long run with my running buddy but had my lazy pants on all weekend so I passed on the opportunity. I’m kinda glad as it got really cold and rainy – I’d rather stay under the covers and did so.

Lilly rocked out on the soccer field again with me while Hilary dribbled the ball with Daddy – lots of fun! No time for pictures.

My first real stroller run:

One exhausted Mama!

Spring 2013

Okay, Stroller Mama’s and Papa’s – this is for you! Kate over at Mom’s Little Running Buddy is host the National Stroller Running Day – Saturday November 8th 2014.

It’s been a long time since I’ve run with either girls in a stroller. Why? Well, I’ll be honest….we sold our beloved jogging stroller a while back 😦 We actually stopped using all of our strollers! Hilary just wanted to walk everywhere as did Lilly when she was younger. We sold it to these awesome grandparents that wanted to run with their grand child! I was really sad to see it go but happy it was going to a great home.

Fall 2013

I’m pretty sure Maclean misses those runs as she could trot along with us. I miss having a jogging stroller and have been secretly looking online for a double stroller. I say secretly because I haven’t told my husband yet….guess that one’s out of the bag 😉 Maybe I should just put that on my Christmas wish list 🙂

Anyway, I may just put Hilary in our Quinny stroller Saturday and take part in #StrollerRun14. I’m sure she’d love it and Lilly could run beside us !!!

Have you ever gone stroller running?

If you don’t have a jogging stroller, would you ever consider getting one?

How was your weekend?

4 thoughts on “Stroller Running Mama’s and Papa’s

  1. I haven’t run with B in the stroller for a little while, but this Saturday sounds like the perfect time to break it out! What a cute idea! Hopefully it doesn’t rain. 🙂

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