Trail Runnin’ Times Two

This past weekend my husband and I were kid FREE! It was awesome and weird at the same time. First off, we slept in until 9 am and second the house was completely quiet for HOURS and HOURS!!! Third off, we went for a trial run – together!

I’m not a trail runner because one, I’m not keen on running trails by myself and two, I’m scared I’m going to roll my ankles. I have really bad ankles. It’s all from playing competitive soccer as a teenager. There were a few years…yes, years that I had to tape if not one ankle, both ankles during a soccer game. It got to the point that I didn’t need a professional to tape them as I knew exactly how to do it on my own.

trail running shoes

Sunday afternoon we got ready to run in our bright orange clothing as it’s hunting season. I don’t have anything bright but my pink compression socks so I wore my husbands orange shirt and he wore his bright orange jacket. I stayed close to him πŸ˜‰


Trail running selfie

We haven’t run together in 8 years! Why? Because he runs faster then I do. He is 6’2 (long legs) and I am 5’5 (shorter legs). Since he hasn’t run in a while and I’ve done nothing but run this year we thought it would balance out.

We just went to a little trail by our house – it’s AMAZING and I can’t believe we haven’t taken the girls in their to play. Anyway, I followed him down this trail, up a hill and around many trees and even through around some massive mud puddles. We managed to keep the same pace on the wooded trail and then made our way down to the gravel trail close by as we wanted to run 8-10 km.


On the trail

As we ran along the gravel trail we were able to have a conversation with each other and run side by side. We came up to a road and figured we turn around at that point. I had the great idea of racing him to the road but only before I had a head start and yelled “race ya”. I was ahead of him for three seconds and then he blew past me, we had a good laugh as we caught our breath at the road.

I only rolled my right ankle twice and left once – nothing major but I was a little freaked out each time it happened.

In the end, I love running in the woods and preferred that over the gravel trail running. I can’t wait to run with him again. It was nice to just get out by ourselves and just enjoy time together. I challenged him to run again on Monday but he said he was too sore πŸ˜‰ I think he just didn’t want me to run faster than him!!!


After having a rest day Monday and celebrating our anniversary, I chose to run Tuesday afternoon when Hilary went down for her nap. I was planning on 7k and decided to hit up the gravel trail again. It was BEA-U-TA-FUL outside and I should have worn shorts.

Rails to Trails

Rails to Trails

I ended up running in the opposite direction that Sai and I ran on Sunday and found out where the trail leads to. Once I ran 4.5k I turned around and headed home on the trail. There were lots of people out biking, walking their dogs or by themselves. Like I said, it was BEA-U-TA-FUL outside.

trails nov 11

As seen on my run

In the end I ran 9 km and came home to stretch with my girls. It’s always fun trying to stretch with two little ones as they copy you πŸ™‚ #motherrunnerproblems ha!

Do you trail run?

Wooded trails or gravel trails?

Do you run with your significant other?

Cheers, Piper πŸ™‚

23 thoughts on “Trail Runnin’ Times Two

  1. Yes, please do not get shot whilst running in the woods. Not a good idea. I rarely trail run–the closest I’ve gotten is a paved trail in the burbs. Alex and I have run together maybe twice–and who knows when that will happen again with his knee issues. But I’ve enjoyed it when we have!

  2. I love trail running. Like you I have ridiculously weak ankles. I think mine comes from being in skates all my life, I never had to build them up. My husband laughs because I randomly roll my ankle all the time. Anyone that works for us in the park knows it is a regular occurrence and just laughs. Your run together looks so beautiful. What a special time together!

  3. I love trails. But I’m just starting to get brave enough to run them, although I go gingerly. I’m afraid of twisting an ankle too, although I’ve always had good ankles. But just being out in the woods is so beautiful to me.

    • It is nice to be out in the woods – not too many people take advantage of that opportunity. I’m much slower running on a trail then the road or gravel surface but it’s all good because we are moving!

  4. I’m with you on the wooded trails over gravel… I feel so uneven on gravel like I’m about to roll an ankle at any point (I also have terrible ankles).

    I can’t run with my husband much because he can’t run too far on asphalt, but we try to go trail running together whenever possible. He’s much faster than me (the long legs!) though so either I’m huffing and puffing to keep up or he’s feeling frustrated because he’s going to slow to stay with me. Despite that, it’s fun! πŸ™‚

    • I end up with a lot of gravel bits in my sneakers which I hate! I kick it up like it’s a puddle!

      We are the same way however I’ll take a run with him any day over not running together …. even if it means I’m far behind him πŸ™‚

  5. What a great way to spend time together! It’s so nice when you can share your interests with the people you love in life. My SO also runs, but we rarely run together. Pretty much because I a more dedicated! But we race together frequently. We are going to run our first marathon together in the spring.

    • I’m a little more dedicated then my husband especially this past year. However, he cycles and I suck at that.
      That’s awesome you are running your first marathon together! I’d love to do a race together with my husband – or at least start and finishing knowing he’s waiting for me or vice versa πŸ™‚

  6. Oh man, how fun you guys got to run together after all that time of not being able to! I love love love trail running. I like that it slows me down (not that I am that speedy, ha, more gives me an excuse to run more slowly) and lets me take in nature!

    • I like how it slowed me down too – it was good running on a different surface and such a beautiful place to be. I used to work in the outdoors so I miss being outside all day every day.

  7. What a beautiful trail! My husband and I don’t typically run together – he is a lot faster than me. But when we do run together it’s awesome. He ran by my side for the whole of my first marathon – he’s definitely a keeper!

  8. FREEDOM! Very cool. I love my kid free weekends, but they don’t happen as often as you might expect. What a beautiful trail! I’m going to get my wife into the woods too the next time we can both get out there.

  9. Good for you to give trail running a try! I never get to run with my husband (his knees are too weak for it) but we walk and hike a ton together. I feel you on the ankle issues–I sprained my ankle about a week ago and it’s no fun having to be off of it! Oh and once I’m back into running after the pregnancy, I can’t wait to do some wooded trail runs.

  10. I love trail running and in the woods is even better. I seem to have rubber ankles as I’m always kind of rolling them but never getting hurt. My significant other doesn’t run, but he did ride the quad when I was in the thick of my serious trail/hill training. I was so worried I’d get eaten by a bear if I was alone with just Kobi (she can run faster than me) so he rode the quad with us. I loved it!

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