MIA in Pictures

Hey! I feel like I’ve taken a big break from blogging…even though it’s only been since last Thursday/Friday since I was on here! We’ve been busy 🙂

My hubby and I had a date night last Friday; went out to dinner (Turkish food) and this play: The Park Bench Players. A play by 5 people who live with Schizophrenia and it was about their daily lives. It was funny and eye-opening!


End the Stigma.


We had our first snow fall and someone loved it….


Lilly living large and making her first snow angel of the season.

And someone didn’t….she wouldn’t even step on the snow!


Little H trying to figure out snow.


I ran a last-minute 10k race Sunday…recap to come.


Happy Piper BEFORE the race!


And a 10:00 pm soccer game Monday night!


No one told me my hair was sticking up at soccer….embarrassing 😉


That’s it. Busy times. Good times with my whole family. Tonight I rest and do nothing but I see a little yoga in my future.

How was your weekend?

Any snow where you live? Cold?