Walk to Yoga Class, Yes Please!

I desperately want to start attending yoga classes regularly but it’s just not going to happen. If sign up for a night or weekend class then I need to find child care if Sai isn’t home…and I already do this once a week for soccer (my first love). If I sign up for something in the day (lunch hour), I could miss multiple weeks because I travel with work often. There just isn’t a win-win here for me.

Well, there kinda is. I’m going to be that “drop in” girl. Yes, the one that randomly attends your class and may miss a full week or two because I just can’t fit it in (that’s why I run on the treadmill when the girls go to bed). Thank you in advance for having drop-in as an option πŸ™‚

The other day,Β I sat down and looked at a local yoga studio’s schedule. I wrote down the class info for each lunch time class I could potentially attend and put it in my agenda book. Yes, I still use an agenda book to manage my meetings/life.Β Then I also wrote down the free lunch time skates at the local arena too! I figure if I don’t have a meeting that requires me to travel over or around the lunch hour then I’m going to do yoga or skate this winter. If I can’t make it, I just throw out the sticky and frown 😦

Easy to throw away sticky notes

Easy to throw away sticky notes

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to run and play soccer but I kinda want to do some other things, ya know! I’m pumped about taking Lilly downhill skiing again this winter and can’t wait to cross-country ski and snowshoe when I can. I’m just ready to do more; have a variety of activities since I am not training specifically for a race. I’m just training to be healthy πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I went to yoga, a two-minute walk from my office.


It was great. And hard at one point. And I may have dozed off at the end and so did my co-worker Melissa πŸ™‚


And my arms hurt for a few hours…well, they didn’t hurt but they felt wobbly for a while! I’m totally going back next week when time permits πŸ™‚

Running related:

I committed to my first 2015 race in September!!! I registered for the 5k and 1/2 Marathon at the Maritime Race Weekend (Sept 11th & 12th Tartan Twosome). Β I’ve been slowly writing my “wish list” for 2015 and thinking about my goals for next year.

What other activities/sports are you wanting to do this winter? (or next 4-5 months)

Do you workout at lunch time?

Are you signed up for any 2015 races/events?

10 thoughts on “Walk to Yoga Class, Yes Please!

  1. Nice job on making it work for your schedule. I’ve just started back at my local yoga studio and am loving it – well my shoulders not so much thank you eagle pose. And our local ski resorts are opening this weekend with a couple of snow storms on the way.

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  3. Flexibility is free speed! Your running will love consistent yoga practice.

    I’ve been getting a bit “stale” with my yoga at home lately, so I want to try some of the great studios nearby. Glad you enjoyed the class!

  4. Now that I’m done with races I just want to x-country ski, skate ski and snowshoe, plus run too. But all for fun now! No more pressure! I hit yoga at lunch sometimes too, it’s the only time I seem to have as the rest of the classes are just too late for my liking.

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