A Comfortable Run in Short Shorts

I haven’t run on my trusty old treadmill in two weeks! Crazy, I know! Sai was home for a bit so I was able to get outside run a trail run with him, then on my own and my last-minute race was outside too. 

Yesterday I had a busy day; getting the girls to the sitters, driving an hour to a Mental Health & Recreation full day workshop, driving an hour home, picked up the girls super late 😦 , dinner, bath, chores. I.WAS.SPENT. I wasn’t exhausted but I think my head could have popped off its shoulders I was that stressed out. Over what? Little things, random things.

So after all that I got my running gear on, short-shorts and all, then jumped on the trusty old treadmill at 8:40 pm. I was hoping to get a quick 4k in because that’s all I thought I had time for, after all it was getting kind of late and I’d still need to stretch, shower, dry my hair (and blog quickly).


As I started running my upper body – mainly my arms/shoulders would start to ache. Well, really they were just hurting from Wednesday’s yoga session. My oh my what a workout yoga is! Anyway. My legs felt great, like really great. I don’t know if it was because I was wearing short-shorts and not capri’s or if they felt good from yoga but I wasn’t going to complain.

I managed 5k and slowly worked out my sore and stiff upper arms. God that felt good! It was just a completely comfortable run.

shoes and short shorts

Shoes and short shorts

And, I get to do this all over again tomorrow…well kinda. It’s the weekend of course, so I’m refusing to do chores on a Friday night and hoping to squeeze in another run.

How sore are you after a workout you haven’t done in a while?

Any weekend plans?

Have a great one folks. Cheers, Piper. 

4 thoughts on “A Comfortable Run in Short Shorts

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