Indulging, Pizza Stretching and Workouts

Hello Monday, we meet again!

The girls and I had a quiet weekend – we played, ate some food and finally had a fire in our wood stove which made the house cozy and warm. I may have fallen asleep by the fire and dragged myself up to my bedroom a few hours later Saturday night.

We indulged in some delicious treats……..that I’m addicted to.


Sunday, Lilly had soccer and learned a new pizza stretching game. Okay – mini soccer coaches this one’s for you.

Pizza Stretch

  • Get the kids to sit down with their legs out in the shape of a pizza. They are then going to make the pizza.
  • Ask them what they need for pizza. “Dough” should be the answer you go with.
  • Get them to mix the dough with their hands in a pretend bowl, through it in the air and then place it down on the ground (pretend table) and to spread the dough everywhere. All the way up to their feet (stretching their legs)
  • Then add-on top the sauce (again stretching their legs) and spreading the sauce everywhere.
  • Ask them what goes next. Veggies, sausage ?
  • Get them to cut their veggies on the outside of their right hip/leg area.
  • Then move the veggies over to the other side (left hip/leg area) and then put them on the pizza.
  • Next is the cheese….spread it out everywhere – again stretching their legs and arms out towards their feet.
  • Time to bake it. Pick up pizza and put it in the oven. Get everyone to count to 5 (seconds) and pull out the pizza.
  • Eat it!

It was so cute watching a group of 3/4 year old’s making pizza’s but really stretching!

Last week’s workouts:

I did run last night (5k) which was a crappy run but it’s done 🙂 Red and green festive running colours…I guess! The funny thing is, these green Adidas shorts are over 15 years old!!!! They are from when I started playing competitive soccer at 13 or 14 years old. They are a little big but still in great condition!


I’m getting closer to my 1000 km for the year and IF…BIG IF, I stick to my workout plan this week I may reach that goal by Saturday!!! I have a 5k Toy Trot Saturday morning so I’m hoping to hit the big 1000 km by then!

How was your weekend?

Favourite food from the weekend?

How old are your workout clothing?