Runners Confession #2: No Training Plan = No Motivation

What’s going on here? Seriously? I’m feel like a whiny baby when it comes to running these days. I want to run, I love to run, I enjoy running but I am seriously lacking some motivation since my half marathon in October. OCTOBER was forever ago!

No training plan no motivation

Instead, I put on a cozy fire, relax and forget about my trusty treadmill 😦


I have no training plan to follow. No major race to focus on. Oh, and I just want to sleep since I’m up 1-3 times a night with Hilary still. Seriously, when is she going to sleep better? Talk about mother running problems! And yes, I know I’m not the only one out there…please tell me I’m not.

I’m hoping the fact that I packed my running bag this morning may give me a little boost. After all, If I put my mind to it I reach my 1000th kilometer by the end of this week!


Lunch Time: And cue in the motivation! I FORGOT MY GARMIN!!!!!!!! It was going to be a naked run, until I hit up MapMyRun online and confirmed the route I was going to take.

6k in 35:59 :)

6k in 35:59 🙂

It was SO beautiful outside I could have run in short and a tank top! 6k in 35:59 according to my Timex watch – Not.Too.Shabby! I’m hoping the December running challenge I’ve signed up for will keep me motivated in December with Run Steff Run.


Are you lacking motivation right now? 

Anyone doing a December challenge? If so, which one?

Could you run in shorts and a t-shirt today, Nov 25th ?

12 thoughts on “Runners Confession #2: No Training Plan = No Motivation

  1. No shorts & t-shirt here~ a brisk winter chill in the air! Ok, actually, a FREEZING winter chill here. Not doing a December challenge, but maybe I’ll have to find one to participate in!

  2. It can be so hard to get motivated without a race on the calendar and when it is cold and snowy outside!

    No shorts and t-shirts here either. We are at 0C right now, with cold and snow coming tonight! Brr!

    • Yeah, my motivation seems to go in waves now that I don’t have race on the schedule. We’re actually getting our first snow storm tonight – mixed with some freezing rain…should be interesting tomorrow!

  3. I think that’s why I’m pretty much always training for something. I would lose my motivation otherwise. I hope your December challenge is great and I wish this winter shorts weather would stick around!!

    • Yeah, I need a new training goal 🙂 I wish this winter shorts weather would stick around too however we’re getting a storm tonight so it’s going to be layer upon layer season now 😦

  4. I don’t do challenges because I feel like if I put that kind of pressure on myself, I get oo competitive about it, and don’t just enjoy things, but yeah, I know what you mean. Thus why I also have the “no training plan” of just always being in a training plan lol

    • I like challenges but I never finish them..okay maybe I finished one challenge. I like to start them and see how far I can get. Again, happy thanksgiving to you….I will enjoy my crazy canuck Thursday 🙂

  5. I’m doing a holiday running challenge. I think that it’s helping. We will see. Definitely no running in shorts and a tank here. It’s about 8F and snowing!

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