MIA in Pictures

Hey! I feel like I’ve taken a big break from blogging…even though it’s only been since last Thursday/Friday since I was on here! We’ve been busy 🙂

My hubby and I had a date night last Friday; went out to dinner (Turkish food) and this play: The Park Bench Players. A play by 5 people who live with Schizophrenia and it was about their daily lives. It was funny and eye-opening!


End the Stigma.


We had our first snow fall and someone loved it….


Lilly living large and making her first snow angel of the season.

And someone didn’t….she wouldn’t even step on the snow!


Little H trying to figure out snow.


I ran a last-minute 10k race Sunday…recap to come.


Happy Piper BEFORE the race!


And a 10:00 pm soccer game Monday night!


No one told me my hair was sticking up at soccer….embarrassing 😉


That’s it. Busy times. Good times with my whole family. Tonight I rest and do nothing but I see a little yoga in my future.

How was your weekend?

Any snow where you live? Cold? 


I Signed Up for ANOTHER Race

Seriously, I can’t believe I did this!

My half marathon in October was my last big race followed by the BLT 5k. I had plans to run a Christmas themed event but didn’t commit to that until last Friday and it’s Nov 29th. It’s a fun 5k put on by a local realty group raising money for Big Brother’s Big Sisters and I get to buy a toy for a kid. You can’t go wrong there. But wait, there is one more!

After soccer Wednesday night I got home and found this message from my running buddy around 10:30 pm:

“hey – in case you really were thinking of doing the Sackville run, registration closes tonight”

Okay, I thought and walked away from the computer. I then mentioned it to my husband. This is where the wheels started turning. Well, why not he said! Why not run it? Lilly has soccer (parent and tot program) and Hilary would need someone to be with her. Then I remembered my sister was going to be visiting. I’d have to travel an hour. I wasn’t trained for it. The list of excuses could go on!

My next thoughts were:

  • Oh shit, I thought…I might register for this. I can choose between 5k, 10k, and 15k.
  • I could run the 15k and it would be an automatic PB since I’ve never run that distance in a race
  • Oh man, I’m crazy for considering this.
  • Do I really want to run without any training behind me? (I ran 11k Sunday, 9k Tuesday and soccer Wednesday).
  • I thought I was done running/racing for the year?
  • This run could help me reach my 1000 km goal! (Which I’m very close to achieving)

And……I then I registered.

My next thoughts:

  • Okay, you clearly can manage a decent 10k.
  • Good lord, what have I done?
  • I’m going to need to locate all my winter running gear now.
  • I think I’m addicted to running.
  • I’m nuts!
  • At least I’ll get to run it with my running buddy 🙂

running friendsAnd that my friends is all it took. One little nudge from my running buddy, when for weeks I said I was done running/racing for the year. Sackville Sneaker Shredder 10k…here I come! Oh, and apparently the course is super hilly! Awesome!

What’s the latest you’ve signed up for a race?

Anyone still racing?

Weekend plans?

Cheers, Piper

Trail Runnin’ Times Two

This past weekend my husband and I were kid FREE! It was awesome and weird at the same time. First off, we slept in until 9 am and second the house was completely quiet for HOURS and HOURS!!! Third off, we went for a trial run – together!

I’m not a trail runner because one, I’m not keen on running trails by myself and two, I’m scared I’m going to roll my ankles. I have really bad ankles. It’s all from playing competitive soccer as a teenager. There were a few years…yes, years that I had to tape if not one ankle, both ankles during a soccer game. It got to the point that I didn’t need a professional to tape them as I knew exactly how to do it on my own.

trail running shoes

Sunday afternoon we got ready to run in our bright orange clothing as it’s hunting season. I don’t have anything bright but my pink compression socks so I wore my husbands orange shirt and he wore his bright orange jacket. I stayed close to him 😉


Trail running selfie

We haven’t run together in 8 years! Why? Because he runs faster then I do. He is 6’2 (long legs) and I am 5’5 (shorter legs). Since he hasn’t run in a while and I’ve done nothing but run this year we thought it would balance out.

We just went to a little trail by our house – it’s AMAZING and I can’t believe we haven’t taken the girls in their to play. Anyway, I followed him down this trail, up a hill and around many trees and even through around some massive mud puddles. We managed to keep the same pace on the wooded trail and then made our way down to the gravel trail close by as we wanted to run 8-10 km.


On the trail

As we ran along the gravel trail we were able to have a conversation with each other and run side by side. We came up to a road and figured we turn around at that point. I had the great idea of racing him to the road but only before I had a head start and yelled “race ya”. I was ahead of him for three seconds and then he blew past me, we had a good laugh as we caught our breath at the road.

I only rolled my right ankle twice and left once – nothing major but I was a little freaked out each time it happened.

In the end, I love running in the woods and preferred that over the gravel trail running. I can’t wait to run with him again. It was nice to just get out by ourselves and just enjoy time together. I challenged him to run again on Monday but he said he was too sore 😉 I think he just didn’t want me to run faster than him!!!


After having a rest day Monday and celebrating our anniversary, I chose to run Tuesday afternoon when Hilary went down for her nap. I was planning on 7k and decided to hit up the gravel trail again. It was BEA-U-TA-FUL outside and I should have worn shorts.

Rails to Trails

Rails to Trails

I ended up running in the opposite direction that Sai and I ran on Sunday and found out where the trail leads to. Once I ran 4.5k I turned around and headed home on the trail. There were lots of people out biking, walking their dogs or by themselves. Like I said, it was BEA-U-TA-FUL outside.

trails nov 11

As seen on my run

In the end I ran 9 km and came home to stretch with my girls. It’s always fun trying to stretch with two little ones as they copy you 🙂 #motherrunnerproblems ha!

Do you trail run?

Wooded trails or gravel trails?

Do you run with your significant other?

Cheers, Piper 🙂


Today I will be thinking of those who fought for our country (and other countries too).

I will be thinking about their families as they were left behind to keep moving forward.

I will be thinking about my brother and many friends in the Canadian Military.

Leaving for Afghanistan

A sad day for my family when my brother left for Afghanistan in 2009. It’s written all over my parent’s faces.

I will be thinking of the two solders who were killed recently in Canada and their families.

So, for those who serve or have served in the past – Thank you.

Returning to Canada

A happy day for my family – his safe return in 2010.

Lest We Forget.



Seven Years, Seven Things

Seven years ago……..we said, “I do”.

Happy Anniversary Sai. 

You can ready our funny story of how we met here.


 Seven Things (I love) About My Husband:

1. His name is Simon. NO ONE but his mother call’s him that. When I hear the name Simon, it doesn’t even register that it belongs to him. I met him as Sai, he will always be Sai to me.

2. He lives the way he wants to not how people want him to live and is passionate about what is important to him (being a vegan, being a good dad, being a good Paramedic etc.).

3. He is a fantastic Dad to our girls.

Sherwoods Oct 11th 2014

4. He can make me laugh when all I want to do is cry 😉

5. He makes the best hot chocolate in the world. Yes, the world!

hot chocolate

Triple chocolate hot chocolate!

6.  He is still fun and adventureous:


Our first trail run together (yesterday)

7. He puts up with me: my running, my blogging, my randomness that you don’t all see on the blog (too often).


Happy Anniversary, Sai xoxo

How was your weekend?

Anyone run/race?

We’ve had a kid free weekend; slept in until 9 am, did a trail run, ate meals when we wanted to and just did nothing!


Where is Piper’s Run Today?

One thing I like about the blogging community is the opportunity to learn, share and support one another. Today, I’m a guest blogger over at Ange’s blog – CowGirlRuns 🙂 She’s off gallivanting … kidding, she’s running an Ultra Ragnar – Good luck! I thought it would be fun to write about running on the east coast of Canada instead of the west coast where she lives. You can check it out here –> Running East Coast.

I also write over at Thinking Outside The Sandbox – Family. Recently, I wrote about making sensory bottles – aka time out bottles. You can read more of my TOTS Family blog posts here.

Since I’m doing some shout outs, I finally updated my Piper’s Run Facebook Page

PR FB #2 Nov cover 2014

 You can also follow me on Twitter (no fancy picture there) and Pinterest.

And on Instagram…. last photo shared:


Having a hot chocolate while I wait for my car.

Do you write for other blogs regularly? 

Do you write random guest posts for other bloggers, yes or no?

Any weekend plans? Mine are to get my family healthy again and time with my hubby (no kids!)

Share your social pages or blog links in the comments below. (Please and thank-you)

Cheers, Piper 🙂


Runalicious T-Shirt Reveal !!!

I’m excited to share this post. Not too long ago, Runalicious and I partnered up to create the next slogan. Runalicious selected Tera’s slogan “Because I Can” and this is how it turned out.

runalicious logo

Screen Printing

Runalicious Screen Print

Back of Shirt

Runalicious Back

And….drum roll……….Front of Shirt

Runalicious Front

First Shirt in Medium for Tera – hot off the press!

Runalicious Shirt

Cute, eh!!!

Have you ever received the FIRST shirt, hot off the press? Well, Tera is going to receive the first “Because I Can” shirt!  A big Thanks to Ian at Runalicious! To check out more of their items – you can visit their website here

Happy Running!