One Thousand Kilometers (And Six Hundred)

1000. 600. Those are some BIG numbers! This is my 600th post (whoa!) and I couldn’t be more happy than to be writing about One Thousand Kilometers.

It all started this time last year. What did I want to do in 2014? Why did I want to do it?

The WHAT: Run 1000km in 2014

The WHY: Simply to challenge myself.

The REAL WHY: I want to be active and healthy for me and my little family.

This past weekend, I finally ran my 1000th kilometer on Saturday Nov 29th 2014 as part of Exit Realty 5k Toy Trot. I ran it with my running buddy, Krystol. We were dressed up as Olaf. It was sunny outside and the air was crisp and cold! I’ll recap this run for ya soon!

1000 Kilometers PR

I’ve never tracked my mileage before this year or the amount of soccer games I’ve played. I’m pretty sure I’ve played close to 1000 soccer games in the 29/30 years I’ve been playing the sport but obviously never kept track. It’s all good.

My running goals this year were:

  • 5k – under 29:16 minutes – Done
  • 10k – under 60 minute – Done
  • 1/2 Marathon (2nd since 2006) – Done
  • Run four times a week and once outside – Done (except for 1 week post half marathon)
  • Run 1000 km – Done


I’ve reached all my goals and it’s pretty friggin’ exciting! Now I can sit back and be super lazy until 2015!

1000 km goal

Ha ha, just kidding. I will continue to run, play soccer, go to yoga randomly and hopefully start skiing and snowshoeing sooner than later.

Obviously, this Mother Runner wouldn’t have run 1000 km without help from a few of my favourite people: my husband, my parents, my sister, my running buddy and some amazing running communities (on and offline). Thank you 🙂

We bought a treadmill last January and I know most people hate them….those lovely “dreadmills” but I love mine. THE BEAST enabled me to run on those days when my husband was away and I had to be with the girls – which lets be honest – that was probably 60% of my runs this year! I would not be where I am at with my running if it wasn’t for having a treadmill.

I’ve run 10 races/events which is nuts to me!!! Some more challenging than others, some I hated, some where I was a complete ball of nerves, some I struggled mentally and physically and some I powered through and surprised myself (and maybe a few others too!). In the end I had a goal in sight. A hard goal for this full-time mama (part-time single parent), wife, full-time work and everything else that life threw at me this past 11 months. Somehow, I did it!

Reflecting back on this goal has made me realise that I’m more determined, focused and really stubborn then I thought I was. I also had a lot of support behind me. I have a hard time admitting this but I’m stronger than I think. I hope that’s the person my girls see when they see me; as an active, strong, healthy and inspiring Mom. I’m strong enough to run 1000 kilometers but I sure didn’t think that when I started last January with this lofty goal.

Now what do I plan for 2015?

Have you ever surprised yourself with goals you’ve set?

What’s your running/workout goal this year that you’ve achieved?

Have you started thinking about 2015 yet?

And yeah for my 600th post!