Bye Bye November and Hello D.D..D…December!

November is all gone and done with! I tried to keep my November goals short and simple – you know…manageable! They were:

1 – Run. Yes, of course I did this one….the rest don’t matter…other then #3 and #4 😉 I managed to run my 1000th kilometer on Nov 29th! A-

6k in 35:59 :)

Runch 🙂

2 – Try a new workout each week and post it on the blog. Yeah, no…this didn’t go very well. F

3 – Time with my husband. Sure did! Trail running, date night, celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and spent some time with out girls 🙂 A-

trail running shoes

4 – Take the girls outside. Not as much as I wanted to. We did play in our first (little) snow storm and have gone on a few walks. B-

5 – Declutter the house. Started this: four bags of (mainly) my clothing but some of my husband’s clothing is gone, getting ready to purge the girls toys (thank goodness they can’t read this) and am trying to get rid of a few other baby items that we no longer need. C+

D…D…D…Dare I say DECEMBER!!!!

I’m tired of goals.

I’m going to run a bit….celebrate TWO birthday’s this week, eat lots of cake, run a little more and do some yoga. I may even skate a little.

If we get any snow, I want to play in it: with the girls, snow shoe and ski.

I’m going to celebrate Christmas with my family and take some vacation time and do nothing and everything!

That’s it. And attempt these few challenges….

December Running Challenge: Run Steff Run



Then….I found this December Yoga Challenge with Suzi and I started it Sunday but took Monday off.

And last but not lease…this challenge:

30 Day Drawing Challenge!

30 Day drawing challenge

Back in June I took a Graphic Design Facilitation Course and recently went back and took the second level (World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space Technology using Graphic Facilitation). So my goal is to start practicing more drawings (since I usually draw sick men) so that I can do this live in meetings and create some cool artwork.

Really, I just want to doodle more at work 😉

How was your November?

Any December goals are you just winging it like me?

What are you looking forward to the most in the next 31 days? (Well, 30 days since I am posting this Dec 2nd) 😉

Cheers, Piper.

17 thoughts on “Bye Bye November and Hello D.D..D…December!

  1. November was fine, considering it was a post-goal month. Lots of easy runs and low mileage.
    December is all about the 10k, nice change for once 🙂
    Happy december 😉

  2. Cool doodle challenge! I wish I could do something like that but I’m terrible at drawing, and pretty much anything that involves good hand/eye coordination, haha 🙂

    My November was kind of meh. It had its ups and downs. I’ve really been struggling to get back into a solid training rhythm since I finished my marathon in October. I’m looking forward to December and everything after to get my butt back in gear and start training more.

    Of course, I’m also looking forward to just getting through the next three weeks so I can have vacation time again…and then surviving the crazy holiday season!

  3. I’m always winging it! Well, it’s a semi-structured form of winging it. The weather interferes too much to have a solid plan lately. I like not having a real plan during winter though. Happy doodling, I can only manage stick people and stick dogs.

    • You’ve sure had some awesome opportunities for skiing and being in the snow! Our weather lately is terrible, -10 one day and +14 tomorrow. Yuck! I’m ready for the white stuff!!!!

  4. Oh fun! That drawing challenge is a blast!!!!! I hope we get to see some.

    No monthly goals to me! I am looking forward to three trips this month and lots of time of work. Ha! 🙂

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