2014: My Year of Running

Oh what a year it has been!

So many ups and downs, way to many loads of laundry, three pairs of sneakers, more running clothing then one actually needs, increased shower gel/deodorant purchases, lonely runs, runs with my buddy, treadmill/outdoor runs, late minute races with friends – What a great year!

Best race experience? Valley Harvest Half Marathon October 12th This would my 2nd half marathon ever, but first one in eight years! It was a beautiful day, perfect temperature, ran with my running buddy for the first 14k, enjoyed most of the scenery, struggled in the last 3k but seeing my whole family at the end was just the boost I needed. I also PB’d by 28 minutes (2:33:56 in 2006 and 2:05:10 in 2014) and we ran an extra 300 meters.

PR VHM Finish photo

Best run? I think I’m going to pick my Maritime Race Weekend 10k (Tartan Twosome) as my best run. I wasn’t going into it expecting a PB but managed to do so! You couldn’t have asked for a better September morning run in a beautiful community. I tried to take in the scenery at this one as well – just soak all the ocean views in….and Pirates.


PR Post 10k Tartan Twosome

Best new piece of gear? My Pro compression socks hands down – I LOVE THEM! I ran in them, I slept in them, I wore them under my clothing many many times!

Best piece of running advice you received? Stick to your training plan (From HAL himself!) and don’t worry about what other people are trying to tell you to do. Trust your training.

Most inspirational runner? I’m going to say my running buddy Krystol. She’s a determined, strong, a Mom of two little ones (2 and 4) and worked her butt off to reach many goals throughout the year. She ran two half marathons within 2 weeks: 2:03 and then 1:59 !!!!!

Krystol, my running buddy and I back in June (Epic Canadian)

Krystol, my running buddy and I back in June (Epic Canadian)

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be? 

Amazing, Challenging and Rewarding.

Last 14k for August (long run)

Last 14k for August (long run)

Thanks Miss Zippy for hosting! If you haven’t checked out her blog – click on the photo!

year of running 2014 Year of Running 2014

Your turn…how was your running year?

Favourite run? 

Who’s your most inspirational runner?

21 thoughts on “2014: My Year of Running

  1. Awe, thanks 🙂 I guess we make a good team, because I definitely vote you as my most inspirational runner! I would not be close to where I am without you, thank you for the motivation!

  2. Congrats on such a great year! So much improvement and it looks like you had a blast 🙂 Your journey is unfolding and it looks so full

  3. Love that you picked your friend! It’s the ordinary folks who do extraordinary things. Sounds to me like a really great year and I’m so glad you linked in!

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