Would you rather….Holiday Edition

It’s been a rough few days 😦 I thought my leg was better so I played in my soccer game Saturday night and within 10 minutes I was hurting again. By the end of the game, I couldn’t sprint or even kick the ball with my right leg. I.Was.Done 😦

Ice, Ice baby.

Ice, Ice baby.

Ice, Ice and more Ice…Ibuprofen and rest is all I have been up to. I couldn’t even play with Lilly at her last soccer session. Down in the dumps I am.

Play Time & Soccer

Play Time & Soccer


I am however really looking forward to Christmas with my husband and girls. We did get to build a gingerbread house with our good friends.

Gingerbread houses!

Gingerbread houses!

Some other fun stuff……… Would you rather…Holiday Edition!

I’m stealing this from Kristin at Run Away With Me – such a fun post!

Holiday would you rather

Photo from Run Away With Me

…run a Christmas themed event in the heat or the snow?

I’d rather run a Christmas themed event in the snow…heck, I’m Canadian!


Winter Run 2014


…sing/listen to Christmas songs during your run or wear a Christmas outfit during your run?

I’d much rather wear a Christmas outfit during my run! (Done)

1000 Kilometers PR

…get a new running watch or a free race entry?

I’m good with my current running watch (for now) so FREE RACE ENTRY would be AWESOME!

Runners Christmas

…go for a run before your Christmas meal or after?

I’d rather go for a long run before our Christmas meal that way I can eat and relax after!

…listen to an audiobook/podcast while running or read a book about running?

I don’t listen to anything when I’m outside running (on the treadmill, I watch a show) so I’d rather read a book about running.

…have a year’s access to an online running coach or 5 one-on-one visits to a running coach?

I’d rather have 5 one-on-one visits with a running coach. Spread them out over the year.

…give up your Christmas to help those in need (like a soup kitchen) or spend your Christmas with ALL of your family?

That’s a tough one. Truly, I would love to spend Christmas with my entire family. This would include my little family (Saï, Lilly and Hilary), my parents and siblings, my husband parents and siblings/nieces and nephews as well. It would be absolutely amazing to have all these people together for Christmas but hard to do as my husband’s family are in England and we are in Canada.  Maybe if I win the millions I can make it happen 😉

Out little family Dec 2014

Out little family Dec 2014

…watch Love Actually or The Holiday?

Love Actually. Only because I have yet to see “The Holiday”.

…eat ham or turkey for your Christmas meal?

Christmas Turkey for sure and Tofurky for my vegan husband. I’m actually cooking my first turkey this Christmas! Fingers crossed that it turns out okay.

What would you rather do?

New running watch or Race Entry Fee?

Love Actually or The Holiday?

Run before your Christmas Meal or After?

Merry Christmas!

29 thoughts on “Would you rather….Holiday Edition

  1. Ha, I love these sort of posts! I’m sorry to hear your leg is bummed. 😦 I think this would be one of the better times to be injured??? If there is ever a ‘better’ time. At least that’s what I tell myself because I’m in between race seasons. So as long as I’m healed early in the new year, it’s going to be okay.

    • You are so right! I’m not in training for a race but just running to be active/healthy. It’s more of a big bummer then anything. I wanted to run outside during my holiday and hit up the gym when I could but it’s not looking like I can do either.
      I’d rather rest now then be in pain in January!

  2. This was so fun to read! So sorry to hear about your leg. I know how frustrating it is. But in many ways the holiday season is a great time to rest and just enjoy the family. Happy holidays! Feel better soon!

  3. lets see – xmas run in the snow, in themed clothes, I would listen to an audio book. Running watch, definitely run before… there is no way I’d run after! I would also have to go with spending xmas with ALL my family since My sister is so far away we never get to see her. Run coach, ham for sure, and I have no idea about the movie. Fun to read and think about!

  4. I got a new Garmin earlier this year, so a race entry would be fantastic! I’m not sure what The Holiday is, so I’d have to go with Love Actually. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Sorry your leg is giving you trouble! No better time to rest than during Christmas week, right? My watch is fine, so I’m with you on someone springing for an entry fee. I have never seen either Love Actually or The Holiday – so I’ll take…Love Actually – everyone swears by it. I would definitely do my run before the meal, I want to earn those second helpings!

    • I think pre-meal is the way to go too! I seriously thought I was okay but nope I wasn’t. I’m already planning to miss my next soccer game (Dec 29th) which is killing me but I don’t want to start off 2015 with an injury. Better safe then sorry!

  6. Bummer about your leg, but at least you don’t have a race in week?! I’d take a race entry fee if it was a wicked awesome destination race that was really hard to get into. Definitely Love Actually, love that movie and definitely run before dinner. Heck, I run just so I can eat!

  7. I’m going to go new runnning watch, a run before my Christmas meal (because that’s what I actually did) and always Love Actually!

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