T’was the Day After Christmas…..Time to Get Moving Again

T’was the day after Christmas (okay, four days after Christmas)

And no one had moved.

They sat on their butts eating chocolate and food.

In hopes that something would change their attitude.

The motivation to move just wasn’t there.

Laziness had taken over the desire to care.

The opportunity to get active was under the tree; new snowshoes, new mitts and new workout gear!

Outside there was no snow but cooler temps were here, so it’s now time to use your workout gear.

Time to get active and visit the Gym, GoodLife Fitness is a great place to begin.

You’ve got cardio, weights and classes galore.


Don’t waste your time sitting or in front of the screens.

Post workout you feel the sensation of a high, your endorphins are running and reaching the sky.

Don’t lose sight of that feeling, that feeling of oh so great.

Tomorrow’s another day, so let’s get things straight,

2015 is a New Year so let’s make it the best.

It’s time to get off your butt and get rid of the stress.

Let’s have fun with being active and the rest is the test!

Running, Cross fit, Cycling or Walking,

It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you move.

Now that the holidays are quieting down,

Let’s commit to a healthy New Year ahead.

Pack up the decorations and start hitting the gym

You never know what mood it will put you in!


Hope you all had a great holiday, enjoying time with family, good food and drinks! I’m trying to take advantage of my GoodLife Gym membership over the holidays while balance the hamstring injury! Fun times!

Anyone run over the holidays? 

Or did you take a break from working out?

OR – are you injured like me and thinking about running/working out?

Please note: This post was written as part of the GoodLife Fitness Blogger Ambassador Program.