2014 Went Like This…

As I sit here thinking about the last year and so thankful for everything. 2014 has been a really really good year and when I set my goals for this past year I tried to be realistic. You can read that post here. 

Main goal: Live in the present. Be present. Laugh and Be Happy. Room for improvement 😉

Running: I ran a Personal Best/Records in 5 k, 10 k and Half Marathon over the course of the year. On top of that I reached my 1000 km on November 29th! I wrote down all my runs in my old fashion running book and am finally able to say that I am proud of my running!

Running Log Book

Total kilometers run in 2014: 1023 km

Family: It took me all year to not stress about doing “stuff” with and for my girls like crafts and music. I’m not talented in those areas and put way too much stress on trying to do it. I just have to keep things simple and share with them what I’m comfortable with. It was a hard year with Sai being away a lot but we got through it and hoping 2015 will be better.

Blog: I managed to write 4-5 posts a week; blog for TOTS Family here and followed a lot of new bloggers (and tried to comment).

Personal: I didn’t read more  or get better sleep. I did reach my ultimate weight by the spring somehow – completely unplanned at that point. Between family, people at work or people I haven’t seen in months I had many comments about my weight! At first it was nice and then it just got awkward for me…was I really THAT big before? You can only hear so many times “Wow, You’ve lost a lot of weight” or “Skinny mini” so many times before it’s starts to bother you.

Anna weight loss 2014

Sai and I managed to get out for a number of date nights or lunch dates when he was home – bonus! And I ran/worked out a lot 4-6 days a week!

All in all – not a bad year!

I also did monthly goals which kinda happened last-minute and completely unplanned but I went with it. A few of my top posts from each month:

January: My first race of the year was the MEC 5k in Halifax. A wet, wet run!

Me, excited to run in the rain!

February: I managed to get out cross-country skiing and snowshoeing for work! Love my job! Oh, and took Lilly skating for the first time!

Daddy's girls :)

March: I was able to  take Lilly skiing! I tried: Speed skating and Sledge Hockey and I ran my first SUB 30 Minute 5k 🙂

march 3 ski lilly

April: I ran my first ever Virtual 5k run (Keep Calm and Run On) on my treadmill and participated in Around The World Running Bloggers Relay Challenge. I also ran a new 5k PB during my lunch break and then later in the month got some new kicks! 

New PB Anna

May: This was a BIG month and I was working hard towards a sub 60 minute 10k. I managed it during a training run but then had a new 10k PB of 57:19 at the Bluenose Marathon I was so nervous for that race I actually got really emotional beforehand! Lilly also ran her first 2k run!

May 2014 PR

June: Is a special month for us as Lilly get’s to celebrate her birthday! She turned 4 this year! We also had a lot of soccer this summer 🙂  I ran the EPIC Canadian 10k and it kicked my butt!

PR The Sherwoods

July: This was the start of HOT summer days when running outside after 9 am or before 8 pm just wasn’t a good idea! I played in a soccer tournament and had a tone of fun at the Gunn Baldursson and turned 34 and felt like I was “Rungry” all the time. This could have been because I was starting my training for my half marathon.

PR Soccer Gunn Pool Hair Cut

August: August was supposed to be a month to focus on training but I ended up registering for a 10k pretty last-minute. I ran the “A Shore Thing” with my running buddy Krystol and a good friend who lives away. It was a lot of fun!

Oh, I almost forgot….July 29th my car died and we had to get a new one. This was an interesting few days – so glad that is behind us and I now have a safe car for my little family. We ended the summer with a family vacation in PEI… Cow’s Ice Cream, swimming at the hotel pool and just being together 🙂

PR Summer vacation

September: This was another exciting month! I ran my first double race at Maritime Race Weekend – the Tartan Twosome 5k and 10k. The plan wasn’t to go for a Personal Best in either race but somehow I managed to pull it off. It was such a fun event and well-organized/promoted! Then I got a little worried about not tapering and wrote Hal Higdon – he wrote me back!

PS – I’ve already signed up for the Maritime Race Weekend – Tartan Twosome 2015 – 5k and Half Marathon.


October: This was the big month I was working towards all year-long! My Half Marathon month! My long runs had become routine in our family and I always had my gear ready to go. Our girls would help me stretch after I returned. I ran the Valley Harvest Half Marathon in 2:05:10, a 28 minute PB and ran the BLT Fun run

How Much Gear Does One Need For A Long Run?

November: My husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and managed a trail run togetherI even managed to hit my 1000 kilometer goal for the year!


Goal reached!

1000 Kilometers PR

December: This will be known as the month of the family flu and injury 😦 No pictures necessary!

I was aiming to run 111 km this month to have 1111 km for the year. However a soccer injury to my hamstring changed those plans and I only ran 23 km!!! Win some, lose some…at least I wasn’t training for a race and had the holidays to spend with my family!

More importantly, we celebrated Hilary’s 2nd birthday and Sai’s birthday too! We had a great Christmas together 🙂

PR Hilary's Birthday 2

 That’s it…that’s been my year!

medals monday

Lots of bling for 2014!

 If you are still reading……..Thanks!

How was YOUR year? 

What was your favourite moment/event of 2014?

Keeping any 2014 goals for 2015?

Happy New Year!