Woah! Men’s Saucony Triumph ISO Review

Now that I’ve put it out there that I want to run a Full Marathon this year, I figured I’d hand the blog over to my husband today. Saï recently had the opportunity to try out the Men’s Saucony Triumph ISO running shoes – lucky duck!

WhoaFace Three

Did fit us 😦 #woahface


It’s been a good number of years since I last ran in a pair of Saucony running shoes – somewhere in the upper teens if my memory serves me correctly! Most recently I have been using Salomon shoes exclusively, as I find the fit to be fantastic.

I was more than willing to try out the Saucony Triumph ISO, once Piper informed me that I was going to be receiving a free pair to use.


Opening up the box, I was a little disappointed to find that the shoes I had been sent were black/red in colour, not the fun colours I was hoping for. Oh well, I soon got over that once I pulled them out of the box and tried them on – just for a quick walk around the house! They were comfortable; snug without being tight across the top of my feet, and so light it was hard to believe that I was actually holding a pair of them in my hand! The heel cushioning felt really thick, though, and I wondered how that would feel while running. Unfortunately, due to external influences, I wouldn’t get to actually run in them for several more days, so they sat in the box waiting to get out.

image5 (1)

Thumbs Up!


I have since completed multiple runs in the Saucony Triumph ISO’s, and actually quite like them. My reservations about the heel cushioning have evaporated entirely with each successive run I have worn the shoes on. I don’t notice the cushioning, and haven’t had any problems transitioning to these shoes. As mentioned above, the fit of the shoe is quite snug, but without being tight around my foot, which is nice. The laces have a little bit of stretch to them, which means a little bit of an extra tug to get the knot tight, but after that no problems at all! The tread is quite grippy, but without being ‘sticky’. I have run in conditions varying from dry and sunny, to snow-covered nights, to sunny but -14°c. The treads have only let me down on one occasion, when I was turning a 90° corner on a boardwalk made of composite wood, and even then it was just a small slide.

Saucony Sai

I really like the shoes, and as long as I’m still living and working in separate provinces, they will be my daily go to shoes when away from home, (So will probably be worn on about 60% of my runs.) as it’s just so much easier for me to leave a pair at home, and at ‘work’. Thanks to Saucony, for allowing me the amazing opportunity to test a pair of shoes!

Whoa Face Finally Fit


p.s. The colour actually worked out to be in my favour….. my winter running gear somehow managed to all be, either black or red!!

Have you ever run in Saucony before?

What’s your favourite colour shoe?

Thanks Saï for the review!

Note: Saï received a pair of Saucony Triumph ISO running shoes through a FitFluential LLC campaign with Piper’s Run Blog. All opinions are his own. The girls LOVED the box 🙂 

Saucony Info:

Saucony Triumph ISO Video

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9 thoughts on “Woah! Men’s Saucony Triumph ISO Review

  1. That shirt! Whoa indeed! I don’t think I’ve ever tried Saucony. I think when a runner finds a shoe that works for them it’s hard to try something else. And these days I’m all about the colorful shoes – unless it’s cheaper to get boring black (cheap>>>funky colors).

  2. Nice review! We hadn’t realized they even came in colors other than the BRIGHTS! But glad it turned out for you. Sometimes things happen that way. Love the #whoaface. What did you think of the beeping box??

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