Taking the Curve Ball and Pointing It in the Right Direction

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and the path you wanted to take doesn’t always happen. Though I’m bummed about no soccer, I am thankful I can still run (a little) and focus on getting stronger and healthier. Really, it could be worse.

bright side of it

I’m bummed out that I can’t ski, snowshoe or skate with the girls, all of which I was looking forward to doing this winter….in time. We’re hoping to head to the city to spend some time with my parents and siblings before they head off to New York for a family wedding. I wish we were able to attend my cousin’s wedding but it’s not in the cards for us right now. I’ve never been to NY and would love to visit.

Instead, I’m planning on running my 1 kilometer and working on some upper body stuff at GoodLife Fitness while I’m in the city, maybe a little shopping too. Retail therapy can’t hurt unless you are trying to shop at Target in Canada. They just announced they are closing 😦

Anyway, I might even venture to the pool with the girls if I can get my act together and find our swim suits! If not, we will play outside with Maclean. I know they will have no objections to that….unless it’s -10 or below out. They love being outside. Maybe we will repeat painting the snow!

Snow painting selfie

(Last weekend)

My leg is feeling good today and it’s my day to “walk – run 1k – walk” so I’m looking forward to getting that in later tonight. If I don’t put in the time now I won’t be able to head in the direction I want to be, which is training for my next race and then a full marathon. It’s super hard running so s-l-o-w… like slow as molasses running off a spoon onto buttered bread.

Do you go swimming in the winter (indoor pools)?

Do you like to hit up the gym when travelling? 

What are your weekend plans?