Walk, Run, Walk, Yoga.

That’s what I’ve been up to. I feel like a lazy bum most of the time but I’m getting lots of other things done: laundry, cleaning, reading – which is kinda nice.

I sure do miss running lots of kilometers. I even updated my log book and I’m only at 19 km this month and am sure I won’t increase that number by too much. Good news, back to Physio tomorrow!!!

Saturday, I managed to hit up the gym and it was great. Walked for 10 minutes, ran for 10 minutes and then a cool down. I know, I know, that wasn’t necessarily a kilometer ran but my head just wouldn’t function to calculate kilometers to miles. I knew one kilometer is around .60 of a mile but I just couldn’t figure it out. So I just gave up and ran for 10 minutes straight…pain free and at a snails pace 😉  FYI – 1 km = .62 of a mile  <– That’s what I couldn’t figure out on a Saturday afternoon *shakes head*.

Snack & gym stuff

Snack & gym stuff

I also did some yoga, stretching and planks in their studio, followed by some upper body weights. Overall, it was just nice to be moving again and I loved how it wasn’t busy at this location. It probably helped that it was 3:30 in the afternoon – apparently not many women go to women-only gyms Saturday afternoons!


My 2nd hand shopping find!


One other thing I did on Saturday was quickly hit up Target and some second-hand shopping. Don’t mind my face, I was just a little excited to find this MEC (similar to REI) fleece jacket in perfect condition. It’s kinda old school but I love it! When you find a gem like this you just can’t leave it behind!  Sunday was spent with my brother and SIL and then we drove home.

A bag of diapers and my Yoga mat...that's how I roll!

A bag of diapers and my Yoga mat…that’s how I roll!

Monday was supposed to be my “run” day but I decided to go to Hatha Flow Yoga class during my lunch break. Oh man, I felt like a beginner in this class. (PS – Not saying a beginners is a bad thing…I just felt out of place). At one point my left arm was shaking some much from holding a pose that I though the instructor was going to come over and say “Umm, you might want to pack in it”. I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing until the end. I was a pile of sweat and it wasn’t from the heater in the room. I did feel amazing once I got back to my office though!

Can you calculate km to miles or miles to km faster in your head?

Ever feel like a beginner in a class? 

What’s your favourite type of yoga class?