Hamstring Recovery Week #1

Well, let’s just start off by saying….”I wish I was writing my Full Marathon training weekly recap” but you all know that training is not happening right now. So, I figured why not write about my recovery, however long it takes and then hopefully move into Half Marathon training updates 😉 (Yes, I have a plan)

Still a runner PR

Okay, so here I go……

Tuesday Jan 13th: First Physiotherapy (PT) appointment and Dr’s appointment confirming I pulled my hamstring. Blah.

Wed 14th  – It was my running day! Walked for 1 km, ran 1 km SLOW and then walked another km – 38 minutes later (yikes!). Then I stretched well, did some yoga, planks and my PT exercises.

Thurs 15th – PT exercises.

Friday 15th – Rest Day – traveled to Halifax after work with our girls for the weekend.

Saturday 16th – Went to GoodLife Fitness and worked out: Walked for 10 minutes, ran for 10 minutes and walked for 1 minute to cool down. I know…not 1 km because the treadmill was in miles and I just could find the energy to convert miles to km. I went to their studio/classroom and did some yoga, planks and my PT exercises. Then I lifted some weights; upper body only.

Sunday 17th – PT exercises & Rest – traveled back home with the girls.

Monday 18th – Hatha Flow Yoga at lunch and PT exercises. 30 slow mountain climbers #noexcuses

Tuesday 20th a.k.a. Physio Day!

  • Physiotherapy: treatment on my leg and I was given semi-squats to do. I can’t do a full squat yet but am working my way there.
  • Ran 🙂
  • 10 push-ups #noexcuses and 45 second plank before bed!
Back to compression socks #twopairdontcare

Back to compression socks #twopairdontcare

Week #1 of Recovery is over and I’m feeling pretty good. A little bummed that I can’t run the way I want to but I have to be thankful I can run what I can. I also have to remind myself of this daily; to be thankful I CAN run. I also did some of the Fit Approach #noexcuses workouts last week but couldn’t do the burpees or squats – not on my approved list but I’m working on that 🙂

In the next week, I can do one of the following options:

  • Option A: Increase my distance from 1 km run to 2 km running SLOWLY or
  • Option B: Increase my speed and run 1 km only.

I’m kinda thinking I want to increase my mileage rather than my speed.

What would you do?

Do you stick to your Physiotherapy exercises or forget them over time?

Do you have to remind yourself every day, it could be worse? (when injured)

15 thoughts on “Hamstring Recovery Week #1

  1. I’d go for distance. I stick to my physio exercises for about a 2 weeks after I’m all better. Then I forget about them until I feel that little tweak again, then I panic and start my exercises. It could always be worse. You could have a broken leg and then you wouldn’t be doing much. I always remind myself that it could be worse when I’m injured (even when it doesn’t feel like it could be).

  2. I’ll join the chorus and say go for distance over speed! Adding more mileage can help you naturally get a little faster, but adding more speed can’t make you naturally able to run more miles. Actually, I have no idea if that’s really true or not. But it has been my experience!! Keep fighting the good fight, you’re doing great!

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