Planned Motivation

Sometimes we all need a little planned motivation. You know, that little “thing” that’s going to get you out the door, help you lace up your shoes and get moving just a little more.

I do 95% of my workouts at night once the girls go to bed, which is usually around 7:15. It can take them a while to fall asleep some nights and during that time I do the dishes, start the laundry, stoke the wood stove and email or blog. It can be hard some nights finding the motivation to get out my workout clothing and put it on but if I don’t do it, I only have myself to blame,Β right?

I get asked a lot “How do you workout at night after working all day?” My response is usually, “I don’t know, I just do it”.

I’m a PM Runner

I'm a PM Runner

When my husband is away things are busy for me as it would be any single parent. I get the girls up in the morning, get them fed, drop them off at day care and then I go to work. I pick them up around 5ish, make dinner, play, do dishes etc and they I get them ready for bed. Really, it’s not all that different to most people with children….I’m sure some of you can relate.

Once the girls are in bed I wait until I know they are asleep to work out which gives me ample time to get my workout gear on. Some nights I’ll put on my workout gear while the girls get their pajamas on and some nights I wait until the last-minute a.k.a. I procrastinate.

I usually don’t start working out until 8 pm….7:45 pm if I’m really lucky. On those days when I’d have a longer run, I would sometimes be running past 9 pm and still had to shower, dry my hair etc. Those days await me πŸ™‚

The hardest part is when I am putting the girls to bed in their separate rooms. With Hilary, all the lights are off and I usually sing with her in the rocking chair and for some reason ALWAYS close my eyes. There have been many nights I open my eyes and think, SHIT, you still have to run….don’t relax, don’t fall asleep. I then pop in Lilly’s room and tuck her inΒ bed, get my gear on and make my way to our treadmill.

Today, I woke up knowing I could run 2 k in the evening. Yup, I decided to go for increasing my distance verses increasing my speed. I also did my hamstring exercises last night – did some squats with no pain! Whoop whoop!

After getting dressed this morning I thought if I laid out my running gear I would be that more motivated to run. I’m kinda excited if you can’t tell to run my 2 k.

My planned motivation……


And thanks for everyone’s comments on my last few posts. It can be hard not running the distance I want to but know I am going to be better in the long run (ha ha, see what I did there). Β Anyway, your comments and ideas are appreciated.

Do you have your workout clothing ready to go for your planned workout?

What little thing to you do to motivate yourself to workout after work?

AM or PM runner/swimmer/zumba class go-er ???

31 thoughts on “Planned Motivation

  1. So impressive that you run at night. I am a high school teacher and finish work at 2:30, and find I have trouble motivating myself even then to run. I just want to go relax! I try to get in morning workouts whenever I can, but I end up mostly working out after work. To motivate myself, I pack everything I need for my workout to avoid going home first. If I go home, it is really hard to get me to leave again!

    • Oh, there are many nights I just wanted to relax too! Right now since I’m not able to run great distances, I’m trying to enjoy the “rest” days as I don’t always get the chance. Sometimes I run at lunch which frees up my evenings but that can be hard if I’m on the road with work.

  2. I think setting out clothes helps! Or even changing into them before you are actually ready. I’m such a night worker-outer which isn’t always the greatest for running outdoors or for when I get sleepy, but I just hate working out early in the morning before my muscles are even awake. Slowly but surely you will get there! πŸ™‚

  3. lf I exercised at night, I’d never get any sleep! My body needs hours to wind down after a workout, so I’m impressed you can work out so late. I’ve been having trouble getting out of bed as early as I’d like in the mornings and when that happens I usually look at everybody’s running pictures on Instagram or read a couple running blogs and that seems to help with motivation.

  4. I am an evening worker outer. I usually go on the way home from work. I rarely have much time to get to my classes and I find the rush of all of it stops me from thinking about it until it’s too late and I am already in the studio. That definitely helps.

  5. I am a PM runner all the way, but looking to go into rehab to become an AM runner! LOL. I used to proudly defend my PM running, saying that I’m just not a morning person, I can run faster in the evening when my muscles are loosened up and I’ve had all day to get the blood circulating, and it’s a great stress reliever after a long day of work, plus I like knowing that free time awaits me after a run and I dislike knowing that after my run I still have to shower and go to a long day at work.

    But, I run into the same issues you do: the longer I put off my run, the easier it is to lose motivation and skip it. With marathon training coming up, I have to get better about that. Morning is the only time of day when I don’t run into scheduling conflicts, so I think I need to start transitioning at least some of my runs to that time of day so I won’t have to worry about skipping them or trying to make them up if I miss one!

  6. Cheers to another PM runner! Meeting up with runner friends is what usually motivates me, otherwise I hit the gym as soon as I’m off work in the winter (lucky me, my gym is right next to where I work). But to go home & feed kids then rock them to sleep!? Girl, that is dedication right there, you are awesome!
    & I’d definitely increase distance over speed too. Keep on keeping on & soon enough you’ll be able to look back on this as a bump in the road πŸ™‚

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  8. When I had kids at home I ran after dinner 2x a week and their dad took care of bedtime routines. I remember falling asleep with them sometimes! Now that they’re grown and I’m on my own, it’s much easier to just change and head out the door (for the swim or run) the second I get home from work. A good solid lunch and snack earlier in the day make it easier to delay the evening meal until after the workout.

    I keep thinking one day I will become a morning runner – it sounds so much more disciplined – but I haven’t made it to mornings yet.

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