Hamstring Recovery Week #2 and #Snowmaggedon2015

What What! Week #2 of my Hammy recovery. First off, I may have been introduced to “The Mindy Project” – perfect running material for The BEAST (a.k.a. treadmill)…I seriously crack up watching this show.

Second, we just had a wicked snowstorm:



Before is Monday around 5pm, After is Tuesday around 4pm and we got more snow yesterday too! Winter has finally arrived in Nova Scotia!

What my 2nd week of recovery looked like:

Tuesday 20th – Ran 2k 🙂 & PT exercises

Wednesday 21st – PT exercises yoga at home.

Thursday 22nd – Ran 2k, weights – needed a little motivation.

Friday 23rd – PT exercises (getting kind of bored of these)

Saturday 24th – Ran 2k on the treadmill before dinner with the hubs. Almost didn’t run but glad I did in the end.

Sunday 25th – NOTHING – Skipped my PT exercises – whoops! Was feeling under the weather

Monday 26th – Ran 2k, did some upper body weights, planks, push-ups, jumping jacks and I may have jumped/walked around the house so I could get my 10,000 daily steps on my Fitbit.

Tuesday 27th – STORM DAY! Was supposed to have Physiotherapy but I postponed it due to weather. Also, I’m pretty sure I did some of the Sweatpink #noexcuses but can’t remember when or what – slight fail.

Storm Day!

Storm Day!

Week 2 – I managed to not have any pain in my hamstring when putting on socks and shoes! I know, such a simple task would cause me great pain before. I’m getting discouraged by the pain/pull in my hamstring and hoping after tomorrow’s physio appointment things will improve.

This week, I can run 3k every other day 🙂 I’m really hoping she will let me do some more exercises…I’m ready to move on.

In case you missed week #1 update.

Ever get board of the same PT exercises?

What do you do when you want to move on to something else to help your injury?

Do it anyway without your PT’s advice or wait?

Anyone addicted to getting in their daily steps with their Fitbit or other tracking device?


16 thoughts on “Hamstring Recovery Week #2 and #Snowmaggedon2015

  1. Glad the hamstring is coming along. Don’t give up your exercises without your PT approval. Perhaps there are others you can do to change things up! Yes, to being addicted to my FitBit! It looks like you have a pretty long driveway to be shovelled. !! Hope the melt has started already.

  2. I love the Mindy Project – so funny! My PT basically told me that if I want to keep running I will need to keep up with my exercises forever (not daily but they need to be part of my routine). Good luck with the recovery!

    • Right now I’m doing really good with my PT but I know over time (in the past) I’ve stopped doing it. …. Not this time! Thanks, I think this recovery is going to be a long one and I’m just getting my head wrapped around that.

  3. I’ve never had assigned PT exercises, but I can see how doing the same reps and sets every day could get very boring. Hopefully you’ll get to shake things up a bit at your next appointment!

  4. That snow puts ours to shame…. 😉

    I have loads of steps to do before the end of the night but today is a day where I’ll accept I can’t make the target….

  5. Whew, those pictures make me glad I live in the mid-Atlantic US 🙂
    The Mindy Project is amazinggg. New Girl is pretty great too, if you have time/want something similar.
    Hooray for moving up to 3k this week- progress in the right direction!

  6. Here’s to new PT exercises! I don’t really get bored of mine, but I’m also not doing them as much as you since I’m not in PT anymore. I plug them in on rest/easy days. I also don’t do every. single. exercise. the doc has given me…mainly just the leg lifts & clam shells. But I’ll throw in one of the oldies for a switch up. I’m also thinking of getting ankle weights for my leg lifts to make them a little more interesting. Don’t rush the recovery – I want you nice and strong so you can train for a fall marathon. 🙂

  7. I PT exercises that I had to do for my tendonitis got SO old after awhile so I can totally relate. I hope you can get some new ones this week and that your runs go well! And yes I am totally addicted to my Orbit. When I don’t wear it I feel weird. I’m almost as attached to it as I am to my phone.

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