Moving on from January

I don’t normally post on a Saturday but with it being the last day of January, I thought I would sum up the month.

I’ll be honest, I’m happy to say Goodbye to January. I had such high hopes for month and felt they’ve been crushed (a bit). And if I’m being completely honest….I’m bummed about my hamstring. The last 3-4 days has been rough and I haven’t run at all since early in the week.

In better news, I had physio yesterday and my physiotherapist said two things to me after looking at my hamstring:

  1. Your hamstring is completely swollen – no wonder why you’ve been having more pain in the last few days.
  2. Your hamstrings are in great physical shape, in fact, I’m jealous of their shape, wish mine were like yours!

Okay…….pitty party is over (for this blog post at least).

January was pretty great. It started off with a run with Lilly, skiing and snowshoeing with the girls, lots of playing in the snow and some great family time.

January PR 2015

I ran 28km in total (unless I run tonight), managed to get to three Yoga classes and only face planted in one of them 🙂

Though I am not where I want to be with running, everything else is my life is pretty darn good. I’ll get there eventually and can’t focus on my long-term running until I get my leg healed 100%. I still have my eyes set on a spring half marathon – or at least a 10k and I’m not giving up on running a FULL Marathon in the fall.

Running a full marathon has been on my mind for months, I’d say even a year but I wasn’t quiet ready to commit to it until this past fall. Now that I’m injured and have a little set back, I have to see it as that…a little set back, for now. A full IS in my future.

Time to bring on February.

How was your January?

How’s your weekend?

How’s your running going this year?