Motivation from my Little Ones

It’s funny where your motivation can come from. Long term, short-term or daily motivation. My most recent motivation came from my daughters.

It’s been snowing A LOT in Nova Scotia (and we are going to get another 20-35 cm Mon/Tues). Anyway, the girls and I were outside shoveling the driveway Sunday morning, it was super light and fluffy but still took a long time.

Side note: Saturday my lovely neighbour took our girls to make banana bread so I could get our driveway done after Friday/Saturday’s storm. I even managed to get the snow blower working – it was AMAZING!

Snow 2015

After a while they started to play tag as I finished the last little bit. Then a game of hide and seek broke out so of course I joined in the fun. We only played in our driveway and back yard area but the wind picked up and was too much for their little faces. We called it a day.

However, during the game of hide and seek I was running around trying to find a hiding spot. I jumped down the stairs (I know, I shouldn’t have done this knowing I have a hamstring injury)….but I did it anyway. And it was fun, like laughing out loud fun giggles with my girls.

I was having so much fun running around with them and my leg felt great! Really great! The night before (Saturday) I spent between 20-30 minutes foam rolling my glutes, hamstrings, IT band, calf muscles, you name it, I foam rolled it. It hurt a lot. Not painful but that foam rolling hatred pain – ya know. I’ve also been told by my physio that I need to massage out my hamstring daily; by hand and with my foam roller.

Running around with my girls kinda kicked started me again. I’ve wanted to run all week but have taken a few days off to heal my swollen hamstring. It was really sore and uncomfortable until Sunday.

Last night after the girls went to bed but before the dishes were even looked at, I ran 🙂 I ran 3 km, my first 3 km of February and it felt great….then I foam rolled and stretched. Don’t worry, the dishes got done too.

PR My Motivation Girls

My motivators and PINK tape this week!


Thanks girls for the little push of motivation, Mama feels good! Oh, and my abs and upper body are getting a wicked workout shoveling 😉

How as your weekend?

Do you kids ever motivate you to do something you’ve been putting off?

How’s your February starting off?