Snowy Bad Weather Workouts

Another storm is hitting us! Whoop, whoop!

When you are stuck at home you might as well mix up your workouts – in between playing outside in the snow, doing crafts with your kids, reading, watching tv and eating 🙂

Bad Weather Workout

bad weather workout

Cross Fit at Home

squats at home cross fit

Low Impact Full Body Workout (Source)

low impact workout

Snowed in Sprints (Source) 

snowed in sprints

And of course…stretching is a must!

stretching after running

This should keep you busy in a snow storm! Let’s it snow, Let it go…oh dear…too much Frozen 😉 That’s another way to spend your snowed-in days with your little ones.

Do you have a bad weather workout?

What’s your go to workout if you are stuck indoors?

Cheers, Piper

14 thoughts on “Snowy Bad Weather Workouts

  1. I am very lucky that our gym is in our building, otherwise, if I had to walk to the gym, I would probably give everything the heaveho and just stay horizontal. I might not even make it to yoga, to be honest…

    • That would be lovely! I’ve love to stay horizontal today but someone has to clear the driveway – oh I mean, take care of the girls 😉 The good news is that the girls love being out in the snow once I clear an easy walking path for them.

  2. No snow here but it is supposed to be rainy for a while. It’s almost worse! I like the look of that Cross Fit Workout… interesting idea. Thanks! Stay safe on the roads!

  3. We are getting hit with a snowstorm today too. I’m planning to leave work early since it’s supposed to hit us at rush hour (of course!), and I’m crossing my fingers that I beat it home in time to sneak in a quick 4 mile run.

    Unfortunately my go to workout when stuck indoors is no workout at all. If I can’t run tonight I am definitely going to do lots of at home strength training. Even though it makes me anxious when I can’t run, it’s better than nothing!

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