February: 5 By The 5th

Back in December I signed up for 5 by the 5th hosted by Laura at Mommy Run Fast. Not knowing I’d be completely side-lined with a hamstring injury, I signed up as any non-injured runner would do when they want to join a challenge.

You could either walk, run or walk & run 5 km or 5 miles before the 5th of each month starting in February and ending in May. I figured no problem. I can commit to that! However, my hamstring had other ideas.

5 by the 5th

However, I managed 🙂 I ended up walking & running my way through 5k;  3k running and walking the remainder to have a total of 5k completed.

Pink Run PR

So, I got it done….took MUCH longer then I ever thought it would. It was around 54 minutes of walking, running and walking. Now remember, I’m only allow to run at a certain pace. So, those 3 km of running were SUPER long for me, not to mention the walking.

Good news, I saw my physiotherapist yesterday! That’s right folks….I’m moving up in the world; allowed to run 4k and introduce the wall sit. Well, semi-wall sit but I’ll take it.

So far, my hamstring feels really, REALLY good. Fingers crossed I’m heading in the right direction. I’m hoping by March 5 by the 5th, I’ll be able to run the whole thing – maybe even more!

For more about 5 by the 5th – go here.

Anyone else doing 5 by the 5th? 

February monthly challenge – what’s on tap?

Do you modify any challenges as needed or push through them?