Had a Fight With my Treadmill (and more)

Well, surprise, surprise we had another storm on Friday that left me working from home with the girls. You’d think this would be awesome but it went down hill SO fast!

Hilary is basically giving up her afternoon nap; it’s been a few months of trying to get her to nap. Oh, and a few weeks ago when Sai was home, he changed her bed from a crib to a day bed. Can you see where this might be going?

Well, I was working away downstairs and both girls were in their respective rooms. Quietly playing. After almost 1.5 hours I decided to check on them to see if she fell asleep. NOPE! She decided to get out of bed. Not only did she get out of bed but she decided to make her room smell pretty!


baby powder floor

Baby Powder-mageddon

It took everything in me to not break out laughing and just deal with the situation. So funny!

As I mentioned, we had snow…which meant shoveling and snow-blowing my driveway and my neighbours. I got a lot of steps in that day, 20,914 to be exact. (Thank you FitBit Flex). Anyway, my goal was to run my 4k that night.

I got the girls to bed and was on the treadmill around 7:45 pm – record time! Started my warm up by walking and then heard a funny sound. 😦 The belt was shifting to the right. No problem, I thought. I can fix it and get back to running in a few minutes.

Forty-five minutes later, a few choice words, then tears, it was official; my treadmill was dumping me.




I was pissed! SUPER pissed. And stressed after the day I just had, ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS RUN MY 4k THAT I WAS ALLOWED TO DO. Nope, not happening. So, I watched Grey’s Anatomy (yup, I still watch it) and then went back to the treadmill as I was still hoping to get my run in.

Nope. It’s still broken as I write this. However, my weekend did get better.

JoeKalb Leggings Party:


Little, big and little leggings

Playing in the Snow with the girls:


More snow!



Time for a walk!

Snowshoe Hike with my running buddy:

(and a visit from my parents)

snow shoe hike

I really, really needed that run Friday night and am amazed that I knew that run would make me feel so much better after my challenging/exhausting day. I’m still working on the treadmill to get the tension right so the belt doesn’t slide and buckle. This last week was supposed to be my week of running 4k’s but it’s yet to happen.

How was your weekend?

Any treadmill tricks you can share with me?

Played outside or stayed inside this weekend?