Treadmill Love and Hamstring Update

The BEAST (a.k.a. treadmill) decided to make friends with me again. Monday night I planned on going back to fix the belt but procrastinated like I was about to take my last final exam! It was after 8:15 when I attempted to get the belt back on track.

For some reason it was super easy this time; no foul language was exchanged and no tears shed. Now before I even attempted to fix it, I had put on my running gear…just…in…case! I figured if I fixed it that I’d want to run right away and not have to bother getting dressed for it.

treadmill love

So, I managed my first 4k (of the week) and it was great. Super slow as I’m still not able to increase the speed yet but I’ll take it.

Hamstring Update: Week #4 done (but feels like forever!)

Wednesday Feb 4th: Physio appointment & PT Exercises.

PT exercises: Bridges, Calf Raises, Lunges, Semi-squats, Semi – wall sit (forgot to do these)

Thursday Feb 5th: Was exhausted took the night off and figured I could run Friday night. Little did I know…..

Friday Feb 6th: 20,914 steps from clearing the snow from my driveway and then my TREADMILL decided to call it quits…temporarily.


Saturday Feb 7th: PT Exercises, Plank (60 seconds), Push-ups.

Sunday Feb 8th: PT Exercises and 30 minute snow shoe trek!

Monday Feb 9th: RAN 4k 🙂 🙂 🙂 Stretched and foam rolled like a boss!

Tuesday Feb 10th: Got a massage on my glutes (tight little buggers causing my hamstring pain) and hamstring/calves. My massage therapist (don’t worry, I’m not cheating on my physiotherapist, she suggested I get a massage), is fantastic. She get’s my injury and gives me extra tips on what I can do (different stretches and encourages foam rolling).

Wednesday Feb 11th (today): It’s physio day – we’ll see how it goes!

Good news: I can touch my toes without any pain or pulling. I can also put Hilary in her crib/bed without any pain or pulling.

Bad news: I only got one 4k run in this past week. Better than zero!

Are you tired of hearing about my hamstring recovery? 

Pretty sure I’ve lost some readers 😉

Anyone out snow shoeing, skiing, running on SNOW?

Do you bother with massage to help heal an injury?