Treadmill Love and Hamstring Update

The BEAST (a.k.a. treadmill) decided to make friends with me again. Monday night I planned on going back to fix the belt but procrastinated like I was about to take my last final exam! It was after 8:15 when I attempted to get the belt back on track.

For some reason it was super easy this time; no foul language was exchanged and no tears shed. Now before I even attempted to fix it, I had put on my running gear…just…in…case! I figured if I fixed it that I’d want to run right away and not have to bother getting dressed for it.

treadmill love

So, I managed my first 4k (of the week) and it was great. Super slow as I’m still not able to increase the speed yet but I’ll take it.

Hamstring Update: Week #4 done (but feels like forever!)

Wednesday Feb 4th: Physio appointment & PT Exercises.

PT exercises: Bridges, Calf Raises, Lunges, Semi-squats, Semi – wall sit (forgot to do these)

Thursday Feb 5th: Was exhausted took the night off and figured I could run Friday night. Little did I know…..

Friday Feb 6th: 20,914 steps from clearing the snow from my driveway and then my TREADMILL decided to call it quits…temporarily.


Saturday Feb 7th: PT Exercises, Plank (60 seconds), Push-ups.

Sunday Feb 8th: PT Exercises and 30 minute snow shoe trek!

Monday Feb 9th: RAN 4k 🙂 🙂 🙂 Stretched and foam rolled like a boss!

Tuesday Feb 10th: Got a massage on my glutes (tight little buggers causing my hamstring pain) and hamstring/calves. My massage therapist (don’t worry, I’m not cheating on my physiotherapist, she suggested I get a massage), is fantastic. She get’s my injury and gives me extra tips on what I can do (different stretches and encourages foam rolling).

Wednesday Feb 11th (today): It’s physio day – we’ll see how it goes!

Good news: I can touch my toes without any pain or pulling. I can also put Hilary in her crib/bed without any pain or pulling.

Bad news: I only got one 4k run in this past week. Better than zero!

Are you tired of hearing about my hamstring recovery? 

Pretty sure I’ve lost some readers 😉

Anyone out snow shoeing, skiing, running on SNOW?

Do you bother with massage to help heal an injury?



24 thoughts on “Treadmill Love and Hamstring Update

  1. I’m a massage therapist, so obviously I very much believe in it! Right now my RMT and my physiotherapist are my torture team as well. I used to work alongside PT’s and have seen amazing results in clients who use both together! Keep at it!

  2. I’m definitely an advocate of massage, and I have a doctor on staff (lol) who can confirm that it is helpful for breaking up scar tissue and excess fluid etc around the area. The important thing is not to massage directly over the painful area until it is no longer painful, though. Otherwise, you might just be doing more harm than good!

  3. Glad you were able to get the treadmill up and running again, and that you were able to run! I wish I could afford to do massage more often–I know I have super tight calves and tight, weak hamstrings.

  4. Injuries suck and I think it’s good to share. I do it when I’m injured! I have no choice but to run and snowshoe on piles of snow right now. It’s supposed to warm up a bit so I’ll get skiing again soon too. I actually go to massage about once a month for maintenance and definitely more when injured. It totally helps!

  5. Glad you’re staying active! Hope it gets better and better. And no, we don’t have any snow down here. It did flurry one day a few weeks ago, but not enough to stick. Now it feels like spring outside!

  6. massages got me through marathon training! I had a stress fracture right before marathon training and I saw my RMT every 3 weeks until the marathon. Definitely helped!

    I don’t really like running in snow – but I did go skiing yesterday!

  7. I’m on the injury train too – and also with a muscle strain! Although I have super tight hips not glutes. But I’m happy to read about how you’re dealing with it. And weirdly we are having one of our warmest winters ever with a distinct lack of the white stuff!

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