Snova-Scotia Today {in pictures}

Holy poop! We’re getting some big storm today! They are calling for 45+cm of snow where I live, some parts of Nova Scotia are getting snow and rain/freezing rain (Halifax) – let’s just say it’s going to be bad out there the next few days!


This is how one dresses when going out in a Blizzard!


Back door…only way out!


Then around 5pm:

Bundled up - round 2

Bundled up – round 2 – Yes, that’s my Maritime Race Weekend BUFF – so thankful for that!

Up to my hips!

Up to my hips!

Can't see our basement windows anymore!

Can’t see our basement windows anymore!


Can easily walk out of the house now!


The wind has picked up and is totally freaking me out! Not cool being home alone during a snow storm!

Yup – the girls are with their Grandparents this weekend!

Be safe folks!