Injured Mother Runner: Kid Less for a Day {Snow Storm Version}

Make that 2 and a half days! This wasn’t my original plan for this long weekend as its National Heritage Day (aka Family Day) in Nova Scotia for the first time!

We planned to be in PEI with Sai but illness and the massive snow storm turned our family weekend into all of us being apart 😦 The girls and I traveled into Halifax Thursday to my parents place and they stayed put while I came home to deal with the 50cm + snow that was to come!


First off, when you leave your kids with whomever (Grandparents in my case) it’s harder for you to leave then for them. I think I said Goodbye at least 5-6 times and they didn’t notice by the third time πŸ˜‰

Second – you take advantage of your time and….

RUN OUTSIDE…..before the storm hits


Get groceries and your favourite take out for yourself (Pad Thai).Β Then you watch two movies, cry a few times because you miss your kids AND husband; then go to bed.Β You sleep in and stay in bed until 10 am! WHAT????? Oh yeah! Then you eat breakfast at 11 am.


You call your parents to see how the storm is in Halifax….really, I just wanted to know how the girls were doing!

At NOON, you decide you should change out of your PJ’s and ProCompression socks, after all you do have a snow storm to remove from your driveway.Β Oh wait, I’ll just fold this load of laundry on my bed….what’s that….my foam roller.Β 25 minutes later my legs feel great but the laundry did not get folded!

Foam rolling legs!

Foam rolling legs!

Then you shovel, snow blow two driveways and run out of gas! Two hours later, you eat lunch and skype with your husband SANS kiddies! Woah, an actual conversation!

After that it’s a little foggy, wine was involved but of course not before round two of snow removal. Then a yummy meal, more wine, a little twitter #RunATCan chat by the fire – oh yes, I pulled out all the big stuff!

Bundled up - round 2

Bundled up – round 2. Yes, that’s my Maritime Race Weekend Buff πŸ™‚

That’s how this injured mother runner spent two days kid less.

Day Three {Today} I slept in until 9am when my phone rang (thanks to my brother), shoveled driveway, ate, cleaned the house, blogged, got ready for a treadmill run and will drink the remainder of the wine tonight πŸ™‚

Fingers crossed we get our street plowed out tonight/tomorrow as I want to go pick up my girls. Poor Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Princes Edward Island…not sure if we can all handle any more snow!

How was your weekend?

Anyone have a big storm?

If you had a weekend without your kids, what would you do?


11 thoughts on “Injured Mother Runner: Kid Less for a Day {Snow Storm Version}

  1. Well, as my kids are Alex and Zoe, I would do what I did this weekend. Which was a lot of couch time and Bravo πŸ˜€ But then again, when I was “kidless” a few weeks ago, I made a ton of plans to see people. But it wasn’t in the middle of 98741045610 inches of snow.

  2. Nicely done as kid less! Sounds like fun πŸ™‚ I race/trail run on my weekends kidless. But today I’m snowed/iced in WITH kid. Aaaaaahh. I may lock myself away in the treadmill room. Lol

  3. We had our big storm last night and I’m so glad I switched today’s run to yesterday. Even if I had wanted to get on the treadmill the gym was closed! It sounds like you had an incredibly productive weekend sans the kiddos! I’m so glad to see you running!

  4. You guys really haven’t had it easy this last few weeks! I live in Northern Vermont, and I’m used to being the one with all the snow. It’s just been bitterly cold here, which, while stinky, is manageable. At least I can get out of the house and get to work safely. I hope you get plowed out soon!

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