Hamstring Update & Good Running

I’m getting there 🙂 Another week of recovery done, another week getting stronger. It went like this:

Wednesday Feb 11th: Yoga @ Lunch. It was nice but my mind was wandering and I felt bored at times 😦 Then my hamstring started to feel sore, double 😦 😦 but I went to Physio that afternoon and the treatment they did made it feel a lot better. Physio for the win!

Thursday Feb 12th: Nothing; drove to Halifax as we were planning a trip to PEI.

Friday Feb 13th: Decided not to go to PEI and was super bummed out, so I did nothing.

Saturday Feb 14th: Drove back home sans kiddies. Ran 4k outside – SUPER slow for me 27:31 (4k). Usually, I can run 5k in that time but with snow-covered sidewalks and icy roads I was happy to take it slow.

Recovery isn’t a race!


Sunday Feb 15th: PT exercises. BIGGEST WINTER BLIZZARD !!!!

Monday Feb 16th: Ran 5k 🙂 It was FANTASTIC! 



Tuesday Feb 17th: PT exercises.

I finally feel like I am starting to see some good improvements. Five weeks of recovery and I am just starting to feel better…about 80-85% better 🙂

Here’s to another week!!!

Oh – and if you want to see some AH-MAY-ZING photo’s from the storm we had – check out this link –> If You’re Complaining About Winter…..

Anyone sick of winter? I am 🙂

Anyone racing soon? Do share….

If you’ve been in Physiotherapy before, what’s the longest you’ve been in it for? Me, three months for back injured over 10 years ago!