Hamstring Update & Good Running

I’m getting there 🙂 Another week of recovery done, another week getting stronger. It went like this:

Wednesday Feb 11th: Yoga @ Lunch. It was nice but my mind was wandering and I felt bored at times 😦 Then my hamstring started to feel sore, double 😦 😦 but I went to Physio that afternoon and the treatment they did made it feel a lot better. Physio for the win!

Thursday Feb 12th: Nothing; drove to Halifax as we were planning a trip to PEI.

Friday Feb 13th: Decided not to go to PEI and was super bummed out, so I did nothing.

Saturday Feb 14th: Drove back home sans kiddies. Ran 4k outside – SUPER slow for me 27:31 (4k). Usually, I can run 5k in that time but with snow-covered sidewalks and icy roads I was happy to take it slow.

Recovery isn’t a race!


Sunday Feb 15th: PT exercises. BIGGEST WINTER BLIZZARD !!!!

Monday Feb 16th: Ran 5k 🙂 It was FANTASTIC! 



Tuesday Feb 17th: PT exercises.

I finally feel like I am starting to see some good improvements. Five weeks of recovery and I am just starting to feel better…about 80-85% better 🙂

Here’s to another week!!!

Oh – and if you want to see some AH-MAY-ZING photo’s from the storm we had – check out this link –> If You’re Complaining About Winter…..

Anyone sick of winter? I am 🙂

Anyone racing soon? Do share….

If you’ve been in Physiotherapy before, what’s the longest you’ve been in it for? Me, three months for back injured over 10 years ago!

15 thoughts on “Hamstring Update & Good Running

  1. Hooray for getting there. Running in winter is difficult for measuring progress because you do have to slow down and you do get aches and pains from the strange surfaces. I for one am sooo ready for winter to be over. Enough already!

  2. Hooray for running and taking it slow! I’m only ready for winter to be over because icy, snowy sidewalks and limited daylight hours make it difficult for me to run outside. I absolutely love the first few springtime runs, when it’s just warm enough and sunny enough, and people are starting to emerge from hibernation… that’s the best!

  3. I can’t believe all the snow you are getting! Crazy!! I’m actually not too sick of winter. We’ve warmed up to -8C so I’m quite enjoying it! I was injured for 3 months back in 2010. Couldn’t really figure what it was, but of all the PT’s I saw, majority thought it was likely bursitis in the hip. It hurt so bad for so long. That’s when I learned the importance of cross training (and learned how to swim).

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