Ready To Go Gym Bag

As someone who likes to work out regularly, I always try to have my running gear (clothing, sneakers, Garmin) or winter gear (skis, snowshoes, jacket, pants, toques etc) ready to go. It makes getting to the actual activity just a little easier. I would even go as far as saying that I use that as a motivator.

I’ve been known to take out my running clothing after I get dressed in the morning so that I can work out at night. I’ve also been known to put on my running clothing while the girls are getting on the pj’s because then I have no excuses but the dishes once they go to bed 😉

More recently, I’ve had my gym bag packed and ready to go. Not that I get to the gym very often but I just leave it packed. When I visit my family, I try to hit up GoodLife Fitness while I’m in Halifax. I like the atmosphere there and enjoy the occasional gym workout – especially this winter.


Some key pieces for my gym bag are:

  • Running Sneakers
  • Workout Clothing (shorts or capris, tank top or t-shirt, sports bra, socks)
  • Lock
  • Head Phones (IPod, Tablet or to use the gym’s TV service while doing cardio)
  • After Workout Clothing (underwear, socks, shirt, pants)
  • Shower stuff (don’t forget a towel)
  • Empty water bottle

I’ve been known to forget a few key essentials: underwear…yes, I’ve gone commando at work once. I forgot a towel before. I’ve even forgot my sports bra and decided not to run on my lunch break because of it.

Starting in the spring and through to the fall (the snow will melt, the snow will melt), I will start leaving my running gear in my car. Don’t worry, it will be clean gear as no one wants to sit in a car with stinky running clothing 😉 It will be great to have my running gear in case I want to go for a last minute run at lunch or for a work meeting. Yes, I’ve gone for a “running meeting” before – they are the best!

My little gym bag sits in my bedroom just waiting for me to grab it and go. Since I do a lot of treadmill running at home these days due to injury and crazy snow/icy road conditions, I don’t get to use my gym bag all that often.

Don’t worry gym bag ….your coming out to play this weekend 🙂

Do you have a gym bag packed and ready to go?

What are some of your MUST haves in your gym bag?

Do you keep all your “active” gear together?

18 thoughts on “Ready To Go Gym Bag

  1. I rarely go to the gym – have won a month at Goodlife a couple of times and that was it. I liked it but found that the times for the classes I wanted were just not convenient. During those months, though, I did keep a bag packed and then I would add to it for the particular session. I always kept clean socks, a personal towel, protein bar and my locker lock/key in it.

  2. I have a gym drawer that has all my workout clothes in it and since I mostly work out on my way home from work I pack in the morning and take everything with me in my backpack. I absolutely have to have a sports bra. I have ridiculous breasts and working out without a sports bra is incredibly uncomfortable.

  3. I don’t really take a bag to the gym since I come right back home. I do have my “go bag” when I’m driving to a trail or other running spot. It’s got my water bottle, headphones, gus, hydration belt, other storage belts, chapstick, sunscreen, various hats, hair bands, headbands, basically all my go tos.

  4. My gym bag always has an extra complete running outfit minus shoes (shorts, sports bra, socks, & shirt) as a “safety” in case I forget to pack one of the essentials, and I usually keep a spare pair of sneakers in my car. ha. overprepared?

  5. Very good idea! Being prepared makes it much easier to get workouts in! I don’t go to a gym, but I do keep a crate with running (clothes, shoes, watch, hat, hydration belt, etc…) in the trunk of my car in case I get unexpected opportunity for a run. I also usually go to bed in clean running clothes with my shoes nearby the bed so I can just roll out of bed and go! 😉

  6. I pack my pack my bag the night before but it also has extra socks and a sports bra already in case I forget those. I also have a bag of gear in the car for those days when a run is unplanned but totally necessary, along with an old pair of shoes. My trunk has a box full of things I might need one day including running shoes, flats, heels and flip flops. Prepared is best right? Ha!

  7. I’m the same way about laying out or putting on my running clothes way earlier than I need to on weekends! This winter, I’ve been running in the afternoon on Sat/Sun, but I’ll put on my tights & base-layer as soon as I wake up. The weirdness that is runners 🙂
    I pack my gym back each night before work – & I’ve definitely forgotten underwear & a sports bra before. Socks too -_- I am glad that my gym has towel service though, so I don’t need to worry about packing one.

  8. Yes I always have two on the go – one for crossfit & one for running. I have forgotten my shoes before at the box (and I had to do my WOD in my bare feet. Not fun!) And I forgot my sports bra for a planned run out of the city. Let me tell you it is not fun running in a regular bra! Ouch!

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