I Signed Up for my First Race of 2015!

Yeah, I did it!

It’s going to be a COLD one.

I’ve trained for it.

I’ve carb loaded for it.

Hydrated well.

I even got the “day before” shake out run in of 3k on the treadmill. Plus 6k bike ride, upper body weights, 60 second plank and some good stretching/foam rolling in.

anna gym combo

Getting my gym workout on

I’m wearing my ProCompression socks to bed.

There is snow covered trails, maybe even some ice! Oh my!

It’s a half marathon in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

More specific, it’s the Hypothermic Half Marathon.

Now, I know what you are thinking….aren’t you injured? Why yes, yes I still am still injured but that doesn’t mean I can’t sign up for a race.

….to volunteer πŸ™‚

Today I am volunteering at the Hypo Half. Back in December I thought about signing up for this race (pre injury) but decided the day before the prices increased not to register. Why? Because I knew the course would be snow & ice-covered trail and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that. A week later I pulled my hamstring. a.k.a. not ready.

I don’t get to volunteer that often so I’m excited about being there today. I’m at the furthest water station (away from the start) and am volunteering with people I’ve never met before. My running buddy Krystol is running it and some other friends. I’m sure looking forward to high fiving her, passing along a warm GU, non-frozen water and hopefully a little motivation.

Though I won’t be running, I’m happy to be able to volunteer and give back to the sport I love so much. If one can’t run, one can still volunteer.


Flat Volunteer Piper – Ready to Roll!

Fingers crossed that I don’t freeze my butt off as it’s going to be -12 C (feels like -17 C)….I’m really hoping all those winters (5) of working outdoors will pay off and I can manage to stay warm.

Good luck to all those running the Hypo Half today in Halifax…you crazy Haligonians (and others).

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Cheers, Piper πŸ™‚

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