March: 5 By The 5th


We have this thing in our house that our girls say when they’ve done something (we assume) they thought they couldn’t do. They yell out “I DID IT!” You need to really pronounce the “d’s” to sounds like them but it’s pretty cute.

5 by the 5th

That’s how I felt last night……. I…..DID……IT. I finally ran an awesome 5k on the treadmill. Before I started my run, I knew that I had to get in my 5k by the 5th with Mommy Run Fast. Last month I walked a fair bit of it as I was only allowed to run 3k at that point in my hamstring recovery.

So, last night I set out to increase my speed slowly and see if I could push it just a little more. I managed 5k in 34:56


Not bad for me on the treadmill and still injured. I had no pain during the run and it was slightly sore after but I stretched, iced my hamstring and then foam rolled. My key to recovery!


It was so nice to run faster.

It was so nice to think “shit this is fast but keep going you are doing it”.

It was so nice to drip in sweat.

It was so nice to feel like me again.

Today I see my physiotherapist and talk half marathon training 🙂 Fingers crossed.

February 5 by the 5th post

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Anyone else running 5 km or miles before the 5th, how’d it go?