Massage Hurts But Feels So Good

It’s been a busy few days in my activity level lately. I’m starting to move from running every other day to following a training plan.

I managed at 8 k on the treadmill Saturday night, skiing with Lilly (3 runs with her, 2 on my own) on Sunday and then a ran 6 k last night on the treadmill again. The weather is getting better which means the roads are slowly clearing up but my husband is currently away and I don’t want to pay for a babysitter so I can run outside on slushy/ice-covered roads just yet.

I’ve been foam rolling every day and icing my hamstring after I run. Which really means that I have inflammation in my hamstring still 😦 But it feels better after I ice it. Still not 100% and for now that’s how I’m getting by.


After seeing my massage therapist this morning, she worked on my hamstrings and glutes, I felt SO MUCH BETTER. It was like having fresh legs! That being said, today was the most painful session I’ve had since our first encounter two months ago when she realised my glutes were beyond tight. Ha ha, I had a tight ass 😉 

6 k treadmill run

6 k treadmill run

Actually, I have weak glutes and my hamstring was over compensation because of that = pulled hamstring injury. Today on my injured leg she discovered my abductors’ were really tight = SUPER SORE to massage! I almost cried it hurt so much (burning pain) but ended up laughing it out. She did warn me it wasn’t going to feel good.

Not my butt

Not my butt

Then on my left non injured leg, she discovered that my semintendinous was tight….I only laughed in pain this time. After the massage I felt SO good…my legs felt light, relaxed and solid once again.

I’m almost ready to register for my half marathon but waiting to see if I can get through this week of running (a.k.a. training) and then will register. If I don’t register for the HALF, I’ll register for their HILLY 10 k again and focus on another half when I’m ready.

Do you get massages often?

Foam roll or massage – which do you prefer?

Ever almost cry getting a deep tissue massage?