The Day I Thought My Garmin Died!

Gulp! Oh man I thought my Green Garmin died today!

Last night I went to bed super early, before 9:30 as I just wasn’t feeling 100%. I missed the opportunity to run and honestly, didn’t even care – what’s up with that? I even started second guessing myself with my running.

Anyway, as I was going to bed I thought I’d pack my running gear in the morning so I could run OUTSIDE at lunch. My, how I’ve missed my “runch” time this winter! I grabbed my gear; clothing, runners, foam roller (yes I’m going to foam roll at work) and then my Garmin. And it looked like this……..

green garmin

No time. Nothing 😦

Well what do you expect when you don’t use it for more than a month and not charge it? I dies.

So, I charged it up while I worked and went out for my RUNCH! This wasn’t an awesome run as the sidewalks were still ICY!

Nice sideways, eh!

Nice sideways, eh!

Up hill, down hill, ice everywhere, some clear spots, slush and ended my 5 k run with only 5 soakers. Good thing I brought extra socks with me!



I was a little unsure about running on the sidewalks so I brought my old yak traxs with me and put them on when I saw a women slip with cowboy boots on (Umm, who wears cowboy boots in the WINTER in Nova Scotia?). I took it easy (7:00 minute km pace) and then foam rolled when I got back to the office.

Happy to have that run behind me as I was feeling super low about my running yesterday/this morning. My energy level has picked up which is already great and I managed to hit my 10,000 steps with my Fitbit Flex already (we still have a love-hate relationship going on).

Good news – my hamstring felt great.

Bad news – my ankles aren’t too happy after that run.

You win some you lose some!

Anyone “runching” lately?

Sidewalks clear, snow-covered (I hope not) or icy like ours?

PS we are expecting a snow storm on the weekend!

Would you have run on those sidewalks or call it a day?


18 thoughts on “The Day I Thought My Garmin Died!

  1. I runched today! Did it with two colleagues who were on visit from California and it turned into a sightseeing run. We didn’t do great time, because we talked almost the entire time, but it was really good to share this experience outside of the office. Runching as a social activity at its best.

    Loving the word.

    • Sounds like a great time! Good for you guys!
      I’ve also had running meetings! Those co-workers who run – we run together and discuss projects etc. Or a walking meeting as that includes everyone!

  2. Kudos to you for getting out on those sidewalks! I’m a wuss when I see ice & take it indoors 🙂
    I used to runch a lot, but now that I’m running more miles, I need more time & have to go after work- but dang was it nice to see the sun & wear shorts on my run today 😀

  3. Runching doesn’t work with my schedule, but I would if I could!
    I had to laugh at the term “soaker”–my mom said something about a soaker one time, and everyone else in my family had no idea what she was talking about

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