Injured Runner Hashtag……

I was SO close to getting rid of the #injuredrunner hash tag last week and was SO closed to feeling 100%. I was 85-90% feeling better with my hamstring and then something happened  😦 😦 😦

I can’t even pin-point what it was but this is what went down.

Ran 5k at lunch on Thursday – felt great! Conditions were not great but I managed and slowed down my pace when needed. I even walked on the icy sidewalks down hills and was very cautious.

Nice sideways, eh!

Nice sideways, eh!

I foam rolled at work. I stretched a bit (NOT enough and this might have been my biggest mistake). But I did stretch and foam roll, everything I’ve done before after running.

Then, I sat at my desk all afternoon and Thursday evening I was sore so I foam rolled again.

Friday I was in so much pain and was in meetings ALL DAY LONG. Not to mentioned I sat for 1.5 hours each way to my meetings. Roughly 9 hours of siting. We moved a little bit during our meeting – actually we did 10-15 squats in between each hour or so. Yes, my co-workers are that awesome about being active…I mean it’s in our job title (Regional Physical Activity Consultants).

By Friday night my hamstring was ON FIRE and I was super upset. No run for me, no long run this weekend…nothing.

Saturday I took the girls to the indoor soccer facility as they have a free program and it was the last session. We played with a large parachute, ribbons, hoola-hoops and they ran around while I slowly walked. Afterwards, I bought some Arnica pills and was already using the A535 Arnica rub, Ibuprofen and ICE!


Drugs & Rub


My hamstring hurt SO MUCH. I was SO frustrated and upset that this happened. Running is my therapy – not that I’ve got shit going on in my life – but I life happens, ya know! Running is my way of managing my stress, a moment to lose myself in thoughts of nothing and everything. It’s my drug of choice and now I can’t even do that.


Arnica pills – think they are helping.


To say I’m upset is a real understatement. For those that know me in person or on this blog, you’ll know that this is a big set back for me. I’m just done with this injury and the stupid hash tag #injuredrunner. I just want to be healthy again, run long distances (can’t believe I’m saying that), be 100% happy. I mean, I’ve got the word “happiness” tattooed on my hip area for a reason!

Oh – and we are getting ANOTHER WINTER STORM TODAY – 20-35 cm of snow.

Frustrating times of the injured runner……maybe I should have title the post that 😉

Tell me something positive about your running/workouts?

Have you ever tried Arnica to help heal your muscles etc?

A535 user? Tiger Balm? Or something else?