Injured Runner Hashtag……

I was SO close to getting rid of the #injuredrunner hash tag last week and was SO closed to feeling 100%. I was 85-90% feeling better with my hamstring and then something happened  😦 😦 😦

I can’t even pin-point what it was but this is what went down.

Ran 5k at lunch on Thursday – felt great! Conditions were not great but I managed and slowed down my pace when needed. I even walked on the icy sidewalks down hills and was very cautious.

Nice sideways, eh!

Nice sideways, eh!

I foam rolled at work. I stretched a bit (NOT enough and this might have been my biggest mistake). But I did stretch and foam roll, everything I’ve done before after running.

Then, I sat at my desk all afternoon and Thursday evening I was sore so I foam rolled again.

Friday I was in so much pain and was in meetings ALL DAY LONG. Not to mentioned I sat for 1.5 hours each way to my meetings. Roughly 9 hours of siting. We moved a little bit during our meeting – actually we did 10-15 squats in between each hour or so. Yes, my co-workers are that awesome about being active…I mean it’s in our job title (Regional Physical Activity Consultants).

By Friday night my hamstring was ON FIRE and I was super upset. No run for me, no long run this weekend…nothing.

Saturday I took the girls to the indoor soccer facility as they have a free program and it was the last session. We played with a large parachute, ribbons, hoola-hoops and they ran around while I slowly walked. Afterwards, I bought some Arnica pills and was already using the A535 Arnica rub, Ibuprofen and ICE!


Drugs & Rub


My hamstring hurt SO MUCH. I was SO frustrated and upset that this happened. Running is my therapy – not that I’ve got shit going on in my life – but I life happens, ya know! Running is my way of managing my stress, a moment to lose myself in thoughts of nothing and everything. It’s my drug of choice and now I can’t even do that.


Arnica pills – think they are helping.


To say I’m upset is a real understatement. For those that know me in person or on this blog, you’ll know that this is a big set back for me. I’m just done with this injury and the stupid hash tag #injuredrunner. I just want to be healthy again, run long distances (can’t believe I’m saying that), be 100% happy. I mean, I’ve got the word “happiness” tattooed on my hip area for a reason!

Oh – and we are getting ANOTHER WINTER STORM TODAY – 20-35 cm of snow.

Frustrating times of the injured runner……maybe I should have title the post that 😉

Tell me something positive about your running/workouts?

Have you ever tried Arnica to help heal your muscles etc?

A535 user? Tiger Balm? Or something else?

33 thoughts on “Injured Runner Hashtag……

  1. My acupuncturist used arnica and also cupping and other techniques that seemed to help. Have you tried heat therapy? At this point I don’t think it will cause swelling. There is a lot of research that shows that ice might not quite help like we once thought it would, especially with injuries like this. I know that when I finally switched from ice to heat with my achilles I found immediate relief. Really hope you are feeling better soon!

    • Interesting! I’m going to ask my physiotherapist about the heat…maybe changing to that will help. It’s getting better and I actually think the arnica is working (the pills not the cream)….we’ll see though.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for the past couple of months. Love it. I’m a runner too so reading this I feel bad for you. Sending you lots of positive energy your way. Southern tip of Nova Scotia is the only place in the maritimes that got rain with this storm.

  3. Oh Anna – so sorry to hear that you are in pain again. I really hope you can find some relief, and SOON! I love Tiger Balm – I have used the balms and the roll on ointment and I always have a stash on hand. And I have also used the cold Ben Gay that you keep in the freezer. It’s pretty good too. Chin up! It WILL get better.

  4. Heat works better for me too. I’ve used arnica as well but it seemed mild. Something that worked well for me was myostaal, a liniment oil. Hope you get back on your feet soon.

  5. I’m so sad to be reading this today 😦 I know how tough it is not being able to run due to an injury. Have you checked back in with your PT? He or she may be able to give you some insight into what happened and get you back faster.

  6. Oh no!! I’m so sorry this happened! This makes me so sad for you 😦 I really hope this is just a temporary setback.

    Reading this, my first thought was that the sidewalk conditions and all the stabilizing your body had to do on ice/snow might be the culprit. Maybe you pulled something or stepped in a weird way that re-aggrivated it? Regardless, I have my fingers crossed that this passes soon!!

  7. Oh, A, I am so sorry to hear this. Maybe try wrapping it some to take some of the pressure off of it? I angered my hammy while it was recuperating last year, and it was indeed angry, but it did bounce back with rest. Fingers crossed that the same will happen for you.

  8. Oh no! Maybe it will come around faster this time? Nothing worse than being so close and then re-injuring an injury, for no real reason. I heard you were getting hammered with snow again too. Stay safe.

  9. NO NO NO! I’m so sorry. 😦 Maybe just a few more days of rest will do you good. I have found over the past couple weeks that even if I feel like I’m being super careful the way that I carry myself when I move over icy sidewalks and streets causes strain to my hamstring. Ours are finally melted, but they looked just like that. I hope that your arsenal of pain relief has you feeling much better. I have been using this off brand topical pain relief cream that kind of works, but maybe I should try the Arnica.

  10. It sucks being an #injuredrunner! Never heard of Arnica before. I hope it helps get you back!

    But holy snow! We went from a snow storm two weeks ago to 80 degrees today, and I was not ready for that.

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