I Skied One For You, Dad.

Okay, maybe more than one.

As I sat on the chair lift yesterday all by myself it made me think of the times growing up on the hill with you. The countless hours of driving to and from the ski hills, lugging our gear from the car to the lodge, helping us with our boots and sometimes our bindings.

The silly songs you sang to us on the chair lift….”ride me down the slopes of clear white snow”. Following us down the double black diamonds or moguls because you were just as excited as us to ski them.

All, greatly appreciated and even more so now. More so now because Sai and I are now doing this with our girls. I never once understood how much effort and work you did just to get us to the ski hill. Once you got us there we were free to challenge our self, learn the hard way sometimes and enjoy being outside as a family.

So yesterday, as I had a few moments to myself going up the chair lift I knew my first run would be for you. Since you were a little tied up.

I got off the chair…took a picture for you….


Then tapped my polls behind me as I’ve always done and said “this one’s for you, Dad”. Off I went, carving my skis in the snow, planting my poles and just going where the hill took me. I felt like I had it all to myself (and you of course).

I managed two more runs yesterday on my own while Lilly and Sai skied and hung out together and each run was for you. Thank you for those hours, those tired moments and those exhausting days. For those moments I look now forward to with our girls and it’s because of you.


Thanks Dad.


It’s been a little quiet over here on the blog as I haven’t had much oomph to write about my random days of running or any adventures we’ve been up to. My father had a heart attack last Saturday and I didn’t feel my writing mattered at that point. Luckily, he is now recovering at home and sends us pictures like this……

“I invested in a new Apple product”

apple watch Dad

THAT’S my Dad!!!


24 thoughts on “I Skied One For You, Dad.

  1. I will have an apple today for him. Hang in there, lady. And tell your daddy to hang in there too. I’ve no doubt he is surrounded by love. And so are you–reach out if you need anything.

  2. Wow, way to make me tear up trying to make supper! What a great post about something so hard to go through. Your Dad’s apple photo made me burst out laughing though, tell him it made my day. Too funny! He’s going to be back to his active self in no time at this rate, so glad recovery is going well.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that news and hope he makes a speedy recovery. His humour is the best! Apple watch haha. That’s the best. I might have to borrow that one. 🙂

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  5. Oh my I didn’t see this post earlier! So sorry to hear about your dad, but super glad to hear he’s at home recovering nicely!!!

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