Snow Storms, Running and a Sick Kid

Well, it’s sure been an interesting few days around here! We’ve had three major snow storms in the last 7 days with the last storm last Saturday/Sunday (yesterday).

SNOW in the Spring!

winter march 22

I’ve managed some great treadmill runs in the last week: 5k, 6k, 5k, 8k – all pain free! I got some new shoes and skied last week with Sai and Lilly – a little cross training can’t hurt! However, my spring running plans have changed and I’ll write about that soon. They haven’t changed because it’s still going to be winter for a few more months or so it seems in Nova Scotia. They’ve changed because of my hamstring.

TM running new shoes

The flu has hit us again – well, so far the littlest one 😦  I’m ready for a new week and SPRING like weather…no pressure Mother Nature…no pressure!

How was your weekend? 

Spring like weather or hanging back in Winter like us?

Anyone race this weekend? (Saw a few posts on FB and IG today)

20 thoughts on “Snow Storms, Running and a Sick Kid

  1. Yowza! We had rain, but it doesn’t really snow here, and certainly not in quantities like that. I think spring is here now, although this past week was weird. I wore shorts, short sleeves, flip flops, long leggings, fleece, boots, and then shorts again. Kinda typical for Texas in March, I guess. It’s really not fair for you to get snow like that when it’s supposed to be spring!

  2. It’s still feeling very wintery in London (well wintery for us at about 10 degrees) but I have switched from a coat to a jacket and I refuse to go back no matter how cold I am!

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