Pumped up Kicks

I got some new kicks!

But first – thanks for all your comments about my Dad from this post. He is recovering well at home and we are going to celebrate his 69th birthday this coming weekend!

2nd – I don’t know if I am coming or going as Hilary is super sick with the FLU. We just about made it 24 hours before she got sick again. I’ve done more laundry and scrubbed the floors then I’ve done in the last month.

3 rd – It took me until 3pm on yesterday to get the end of my driveway cleared from what the lovely plow put in it on Sunday night. Why? Sick kid, laundry and my lovely neighbour was able to watch the girls in the afternoon while I did both our driveways. She amazing!

4th – Sure looking forward to Sai coming home in a few days…even if it’s a quick visit. Hopefully, the sickness will magically disappear before he gets home (and the laundry too).

To the point of this post:

I got some new running sneakers! They are pretty sweet. My husband picked them up while he was working in PEI (Prince Edward Island). There is this little shop called Hashem’s Variety Store. It’s not your typical running store!

I’ve met him once last year when the girls and I were hanging out in PEI (when there was NO SNOW). I quickly ran in the store because I heard about it and wanted to check it out. I no money for new sneakers and only minutes while the girls were behaving themselves in the car with Sai.

PEI last summer +30c not like today and SNOW MOUNTAINS everywhere!

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island {boardwalk}

I’m dreaming of this weather as we are surrounded by SNOW!

It’s a cute little variety store with foods and ALL KINDS of ASICS running sneakers! Seriously!!!! Shelves upon shelves of Asics!

Last year, I bought my second pair of Ascis and have decided I’m sticking with them (pretty much). I bought the Gel Cumulus 15’s from a great little but mighty store in Halifax (Aerobics First).

And, in with the NEW!

They are currently in rough shape but I can’t get rid of them – I love the colours. Anyway, one must move on or get injured. Oh wait, I’m already injured… ha ha…sorry, had to make cause it helps with being injured. If you can’t laugh then you have to frown…no thanks! 

Since my husband works in PEI and we live in NS (yes, he drives about 5 hours for work every few days/weeks), I thought I’d ask him to pick me up a pair of Gel Cumulus 15’s at Hashem’s.  I like to support little businesses and share the love. Don’t worry A1, I’ll be back.

Instead of one pair, Sai picked up two pairs, plus Hashem through in two pairs of Ascis socks! I’ve heard he takes care of his customers – thanks Hashem! So, if you are ever in PEI – look up the store, it’s on the corner. I’ve also heard you can order them over the phone and have them mailed to you!

My pumped up kicks:

Pair #1: WHITE – for my neutral days

pair 1 asics

Pair #2 – PINK – for my bold days.

pair 2 asics

Aren’t they perrrrrrrdy!

I’ve been running in both pairs, alternating which ones I wear sometimes based on what I’m wearing, ha ha. Oh, and I still have my New Balance 890’s.

Are you brand loyal?

Love little local running stores or big box stores?

Happy Running! 


29 thoughts on “Pumped up Kicks

  1. I’m glad that you have the shoes for a bit of brightness right now! You poor things–I hope your daughter feels better ASAP, for all your sakes! I love local running stores–I”m all about the service 😀 I was brand loyal but I am more loyal to whatever works for my feet!

    • You know sometimes a new pair (or two) of shoes can make everything all better 😉 I actually am wondering if it’s helping my hamstring to not run in my older ones!
      I love my Asics but sure enjoy putting on New Balance 890’s – they are SO light!

  2. I love Asics but I think my feet have changed because lately they have been causing issues for me. I think I have to switch brands. I prefer our local running stores over big box stores, though the prices tend to be better at the latter.

  3. I’m not necessarily attached to the brand of shoes that I’m wearing, but I know that they work ok for me, and now I can find them online for cheaper than in store instead of taking the time to go try a bunch of new pairs and pay tons of money. Glad you were able to get a couple of new pairs that you’re happy with!

  4. I love my Asics too. Those are so awesome! I hope your little one is feeling better soon. You certainly have a full plate these days. Fingers crossed for health for everyone and warm sunshine just for you!

  5. I used to be brand loyal (Asics), but then discovered Salomon Snowcross and now I’m all over the place. I’ll likely go back to Asics, or maybe I’ll try Brooks. I’d go with a local running store if I had access to one, I mostly have to buy shoes on-line though.

  6. I’ve been running in Mizuno for the last few years. Mostly neutral shoes but I have been noticing that I need a little more support so I may take myself show shopping this weekend. :). Oddly enough the Running Warehouse- large website- is actually based here so they are my local store. :). Have fun with your new shoes!

    • Elle, I’m terrible at tennis! I took lessons as a child but hated my instructor so I never went back. Though I fell in love with badminton and played that for four years! What do you run in?…in your beautiful spring like weather 😉

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  8. We were shoe twins! I had those same Cumuluses, I got them because of the color. Mine are kaput and I ended up getting a pair of Nimbuses. I got a deal on the 16s since the 17s were conning out. They fit about the same, just a bit more cushion. Love your new ones…I love a hot pink shoe!

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