That Time My Husband Convinced Me….

To give his Vega protein shake a try!

Last Saturday I planned on running my “long run” once the girls got to bed. Hilary decided she wanted to party just a little longer and didn’t fall asleep until 8:15pm which meant my run started later than I wanted.  C’est la vie!

I jumped on the treadmill and knocked out 8 kilometers. Yeah, I know, 8 might not be that much but with my injured hamstring that’s a lot for me.

My whole run I felt strong. I felt like I was running tall, you know…like I had really good posture. I was able to pick up my speed and slow down when I felt I pushed enough. I always try to run the last kilometer faster than any other, even if it’s just the last .5km and that felt great. Maybe it was my new pumps, who knows?!?!

Prior to the run I thought about making a smoothie as I bought lots of fresh fruit earlier in the day. Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and bananas – yum. Honestly, I think that’s what motivated me to get through my run.

When I finished I message Sai and told him I finished 8k. He suggested I make a protein shake with his Vega powder. Hummmm….I dunno about that one, Sai. I really wanted my smoothie. After a solid 10 minute conversation back and forth I decided I’d go with the shake.

I’ve tried it before I really didn’t like it. Pretty much one of the only Vega products I didn’t like which was disappointing. Having said that I made a protein shake with the following:

  • Soy Chocolate Milk (Silk brand) – 60%
  • Skim Milk – Lactose Free – 20%
  • Vega Chocolate Protein Powder – 20%

Why did I break it up like that? Well, I ran out of chocolate milk and I didn’t want to water it down so I figured my lactose free milk would “fill it up”. With a gulp of it in my mouth, I found it wasn’t too bad! I actually liked it and couldn’t notice the flavour of the grainy-like powder. I liked it so much that I drank the WHOLE THING…600ml of protein shake!

vega protein drink

Then I proceeded to lay on the floor for a while because I was SO overfull of liquid I couldn’t move. Lesson learned…don’t make so much.

Since we are heading to the city for my Dad’s birthday this weekend, I’m hoping to hit up GoodLife Fitness and might bring along my new favourite Vega chocolate protein powder with me. I will just remember to not make so much 😉

Do you drink protein drinks after running/working out?

What’s your favourite and why?

What’s the worst one you’ve ever tried?

{Note – Not a sponsored post by Vega. I just took the Chocolate Vega Powder from my husband’s stash, Thanks Sai!}

20 thoughts on “That Time My Husband Convinced Me….

  1. Worst protein drink that I ever tried was actually this weekend. It was plant based and they are generally more difficult to mix but OMG this was disgusting.

  2. I don’t typically use protein powders because they don’t taste good. If I can “hide” it in a smoothie, I will, but just using the powder plus milk doesn’t work for me.

  3. I do use protein powder a lot. Vega is one I buy in packets so I can take it along when I travel. It is one of the few I like mixed just with water.

  4. I’m with Sarah, my husband is a huge fan of his protein powders, but it is a processed source of protein. I think every once in awhile is ok, but not on a regular basis.

  5. I looooooove Vega products. It totally fits in well to get protein with my vegan tendencies, but the cost is usually too high for me to keep it on hand.

  6. I actually don’t. Sometimes in summer I’ll make a smoothie and add protein powder. I can’t even recall which one I have. It is a whey based one. I tried a Vega one once and it came back up as fast as it went down. I couldn’t stand the taste. I’m a super fussy eater though so most powdered proteins/supplements don’t work for me. I just eat a pile of food instead. Or chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk.

    • Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Vega. The first time I had it, I did not like it at all but I had mixed it with water….yuck. I think from now when, if and when I have a protein powder it will be mixed with Chocolate milk.

  7. I have to mix my protein powder in my smoothies. I have the Vanilla chai Vega but I just can’t tolerate it mixed with just milk or water. I always mean to try a chocolate flavored powder but never do. I do love chocolate milk after a hard run though.

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