Physical Activity Break at Work

One of my many hamstring problems is sitting. The longer I sit the more my hamstring hurts. It no longer hurts when I run or when I stretch but I can’t sit for more than an hour.

That can be challenging when you sit at a desk all day, have a three-four (or longer) hour meetings or travel for work. I’m trying to utilize our stand up desk every so often or I sometimes turn my desk into a stand up desk, which helps. Ideally, I would love to have a permanent stand up desk that is fully functional (moves up and down as needed).

Since I don’t currently have that at work, I’m trying to adapt my work space. I put soft foam balls under my hamstring to elevate it, stand up, set up a make-shift stand up desk and sometimes do little work outs.

Besides going for a walk to the library and getting the office post today, I’m giving this one a go!

5 ways to burn calories while at your computer

I found this on Pinterest but it’s from Skinny Mom. It is more focused on burning calories at work but for me it’s a chance to get up from my desk, move a bit, stretch my lets and hopefully…HOPEFULLY, avoid any hamstring pain.

Do you have a stand up desk at work?

Ever do these types of workouts AT WORK?

How do you break up sitting all day at work?